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I’ve decided to share a bit of my recent planning hobby with you today!  For those of you that follow me on Instagram, some of this will be a repeat for you.  For those who don’t follow me on Instagram, you really should! (pinkbowstwinkletoes)

I discovered the Erin Condren LifePlanner earlier this summer.  After seeing it, I knew almost instantly that I needed one too!  So the planning adventure began!

IMG_2770When ordering my planner, I chose the custom colorway option and picked out this delightful cornflower blue and white! I love how crisp and clean the color combo is! It’s professional but still fun!

I knew when I ordered my planner that I was going to jump right on the planner sticker band wagon!  I actually received my first two sticker orders several days before my planner arrived!  As I mentioned in my last post, I tend to jump into new things with both feet! 🙂

IMG_3082This was my first planned out week.  I’d only received a few sticker sheets when I designed this spread, so it’s a little bare.  Looking past all the white space, I think it’s pretty cute for my first week!

I love using little pencil stickers to mark when my classes are.  I also have some special college flags that I use to mark when assignments are due.

I haven’t really used a planner since High School, so this is a fun way for me to get organized again!

IMG_3888Skip ahead a few weeks and we have this hot air balloon spread!  This is the first design that I was completely happy with!  I love the way the stickers complement the page colors.  So pretty!

I used quite a few of the college assignment flags on the latter portion of this week.

I decided at this point that I was going to add a corresponding quote in the left side bar each week.  I usually go on Pinterest on Sunday nights and see what kind of short and sweet quotes I can find!

IMG_4045I chose a bright red and yellow floral theme for this week. The mason jar stickers I had corresponded nicely with the reds of July and the yellows of August.  Super convenient!

I picked out a fun Lilly Pulitzer quote that I thought fit quite nicely with the color scheme!

IMG_4210I messed up the sidebar quote for the week of my brother’s wedding, so I had to get creative with my photo!  Whoopsie! 🙂

Vintage Gypsy Road (one of the sticker shops I love) sells a fun cake decorating sticker set that allows you to build any size cake you’d like!  I thought that was perfect for Robert and Hayley’s wedding day!

IMG_4365A Florida summer isn’t complete without a little watermelon!

IMG_4446I got the majority of the stickers I used for this spread from Libbie & Co (another one of my favorite sticker shops).

She sold a mystery box in early August that came with tons of adorable flamingo stickers!  You know how much I love mystery/subscription boxes, so I couldn’t resist!  I’m hoping she offers another one soon!

IMG_4611This floral theme is my most recent spread.

Sorority recruitment ended this week and Kappa’s bid day theme was Picnic, so I was trying to portray that a little in my spread.  It didn’t turn out overly picnic-y but that’s okay!  The red gingham box is all the picnic I really need!

Now that I’ve shown you all of my designs, I’m going to explain a little about the supplies I use and how I go about designing the spread for each week!

IMG_4637I buy/use a ton of stickers, so I bought this accordion folder at Target to store all of my stickers.  I also bought the corresponding file folders.

I like to store my stickers alphabetically by shop. When the pockets of the accordion folder filled up, I started sticking the file folders in the accordion pockets to created more divided spaces.

IMG_4640Here’s a picture of the inside of my accordion folder.  You can kind of see where I stuck a filer folder to create more space.

IMG_4647On the bottom of each planner page, I like to add some coordinating washi tape.  The washi adds a lot of color and covers up some of my unused white space!  Win win!

I’ve bought washi at all of the craft stores and Target!  Target sometimes has it in their Dollar Spot, which is a fantastic deal if you find some you like!

Michael’s is the best place to buy the basics.  They sell thin, solid washi in large packs that you can oftentimes use a coupon on!  What a deal!

IMG_4646These are some of my favorite sticker sheets!

IMG_4649Every Sunday night, I sit down with my planner and start designing my layout for the week.  I typically have a few Post-Its with important events on them.

IMG_4651I then go through my stickers and pick out the ones I think I’m going to use.

IMG_4655Planning is definitely a process.  I don’t fill out the entire week on Sunday.  I just fill out what I know I for sure have going on.  I like to leave a little blank space in case something pops up!

IMG_4659I then added my quote and made a few more sticker additions.

IMG_4662This is what I ended up with!  I’m not in love with my washi tape design, so I’ll probably end up changing that before the week is through!  I’m pretty satisfied with the rest of it though!

If I still have some blank spaces at the end of the week, I’ll go ahead and add in more decorative stickers!

Planning can be quite time consuming, but I find it very rewarding!  It’s such a fun way for me to stay organized and make sure I don’t miss any important events or assignments!

Check out my Instagram on Wednesday and Sunday for more pictures of this spread!

Are you a planner addict too?!

What are some of your favorite sticker shops?!

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