POPSUGAR Must Have Review – September 2015

Hi everyone!

It’s time for my monthly POPSUGAR Must Have review!

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IMG_5065Box Contents:

  • Hudson+Bleecker – Labyrinth Onyx Travel Trio
  • Kris Nations – “XO” Stud Earrings
  • Too Faced Cosmetics – Brow Envy
  • Briogeo Rosarco – Milk Reparative Leave-in Conditioning Spray
  • NCLA – So Rich Vitamin-E Enriched Cuticle Oil
  • Nourish Snacks – Almond to Cherries

IMG_5079Hudson+Bleecker – Labyrinth Onyx Travel Trio – Retail Value $42

I love this travel bag set!  It comes with a TSA-friendly clear pouch and then two drawstring bags for shoes and intimates.

IMG_5082I’ll probably end up using the clear bag for sunscreens and the two patterned bags for my shoes.  I absolutely hate it when the bottoms of my shoes touch my clothes in my suitcase, so these are perfect for me!

IMG_5091Kris Nations – “XO” Stud Earrings – Retail Value $35

I love these earrings, and the packaging is pretty great too!  The little jar is glass not plastic, which makes the packaging that much nicer!

These would be perfect for a gift, so I think I’m going to save them!

IMG_5071Too Faced Cosmetics – Brow Envy – Retail Value $39

I absolutely LOVE Too Faced products, so I was pretty excited when I saw that they were going to be featured in the September box.  I just wish they’d given out an eye shadow palette instead of this brow kit.

I know eyebrows are all the rage right now, but I would’ve preferred a different product.

IMG_5074The palette comes with two shades of brow powder, a highlighter, setting wax, tweezers, a brush, and a spoolie.

I don’t ever do anything besides pluck my brows, so I won’t be getting much use out of this product. 🙁

IMG_5088Briogeo Rosarco – Milk Reparative Leave-in Conditioning Spray – Retail Value $20

I love trying new leave-in conditioners, so I was pretty excited when I saw this in my box!

This conditioner is way more watery than I expected and more watery than other leave-in conditioners I’ve used in the past.  I feel like I have to use a ton of it to get the silky texture I’m used to getting with other conditioners.

Even though it’s watery, it smells pretty great!

IMG_5076NCLA – So Rich Vitamin-E Enriched Cuticle Oil – Retail Value $18

I haven’t used many cuticle products in the past, so I’m not exactly sure what this is going to do for me.

I’ve been using it for several days now.  I haven’t seen any results, but it smells pretty great!!

IMG_5085Nourish Snacks – Almond to Cherries – Retail Value $2

This little snack looks awesome!

I love almonds and cherries, so it is perfect for me!

I’m going to pack it in my backpack and take it to class with me tomorrow!

IMG_5065The September POPSUGAR box has a total retail value of $156!  How awesome is that?!

Do you subscribe to POPSUGAR Must Have?

What do you think of the September box?!

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Allure Beauty Box Review – September 2015

Hi everyone!

IMG_4918_2It’s time for my monthly Beauty Box review!

IMG_4920_2Each box comes with a magazine, which gives more information on the featured products.

IMG_4923The September box came with seven products!  Wow!  That’s the most I’ve ever received in an Allure box!

Box Contents:

  • Tangle Teezer
  • Pixi by Petra – Glow Tonic
  • Alterna – Replenishing Moisture Milk
  • Erno Laszlo – Firmarine Bar Soap
  • Jane Iredale – Smooth Affair Facial Primer and Brightener
  • Soap & Glory – Pillow Plump XXL Lip Gloss
  • Kaplan MD – Cellular Rejuvenating Concentrate

IMG_4925Tangle Teezer

I was pretty skeptical when I saw this in my box.  I don’t typically like the hair tools that I receive.

Funnily enough, I absolutely love this thing!! It works SO well and doesn’t break my hair at all!

I do have one complaint though.  I’ve been using it when I get out of the shower, and between my soaking wet hair and my leave in conditioner, the Tangle Teezer can get pretty slippery!! I’ve dropped it on a few occasions!  Oh well! I’ll quickly get over that!  It cuts my hair combing time in half when I get out of the shower!  That’s amazing!!!

IMG_4928_2Pixi by Petra – Glow Tonic

I’ve heard great things about this product!  My friend, Lindsey, was telling me that it’s very similar to the Clinique Clarifying Lotion that I use everyday.  Since it’s just like my everyday product, I’m going to save this for the next time I travel!

IMG_4942Alterna – Replenishing Moisture Milk

I love this conditioner!  It works really well and isn’t too heavy!

I’ve received other Alterna products in subscription boxes before and they’re all great!

This is the conditioner I was using when I kept dropping my Tangle Teezer!  These two must be in cahoots! 🙂

IMG_4933_2Erno Laszlo – Firmarine Bar Soap

This is the cutest bar of soap I have ever seen!  It’s tiny!

I’m going to save this product for travel as well!  It will fit perfectly into my travel toiletries case!

IMG_4935_2Jane Iredale – Smooth Affair Facial Primer and Brightener

The mini magazine says this primer is supposed to smell like fresh orange juice.  I don’t smell the oranges.  I smell a mixed drink!

I’ve used this primer several times, and I like it.  I just don’t like it as much as the Benefit Porefessional I use everyday.

IMG_4932Soap & Glory – Pillow Plump XXL Lip Gloss

When I first put this lip gloss on, I liked it.  The color wasn’t great but it wasn’t terrible either.  About 10 minutes after applying the gloss, the burning began!  I understand the way plumping lip glosses work, but the burning was so bad (and not worth the results) that I had to wipe the lip gloss off!

I definitely won’t be using this in the future, but I will see if any of my friends would like to try it!

IMG_4939Kaplan MD – Cellular Rejuvenating Concentrate

This is another item that I’ll be using for travel.  I already use a serum at night, so instead of hauling my large jar with me when I travel, I’ll just take this mini one!

IMG_5025_2Aside from the burning lip gloss, I’d say that this month’s Allure Beauty Box was a success!

Do you subscribe to Beauty Box?

What do you think of the September Box?!

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DIY Ribbon Hair Ties, Headbands, and Planner Bands

Hi everyone!

I have a quick and super easy craft to share with you today!

We’ll be making some fun ribbon hair ties!


  • Ribbon elastic (Mine is from Joann’s)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Lighter

IMG_4710The Joann’s nearest to where I live recently started stocking a ton of fun elastic!  When I saw this display, I just had to buy some elastic and make some of my own hair ties!

IMG_4753The elastic I bought will be doing double duty.

I’ll be making some hair ties and some planner bands to keep my planner shut.

I was sure to buy elastic colors that would coordinate nicely with my planner but also with my outfits!

IMG_4870The first thing I did was measure a hair tie I already had.  I believe this one is from one of the packs they sell at Sephora.

This hair tie measures about 3 1/2 inches (folded), so I added a little bit of length to that (to account for the knot) and cut my elastic.

IMG_4872The length of elastic measured about 8-8 1/2 inches before I folded and knotted it.  Make sure you take your wrist size into account when measuring your elastic.  I have really small wrists, so I make my hair ties a little smaller.

I like to tie the knot about an inch or so from the ends of the elastic.

IMG_4879After you tie your knot, cut the ends of the elastic at a slight diagonal.

IMG_4881Take your lighter and quickly run it over the cut edges of the elastic.  Don’t hold the flame to the elastic too long or it will catch on fire and let off a horrible burning smell!  Trust me!  I learned that real quick!!

The flame will melt the ends of the elastic together and keep the edges from fraying.

I used a candle lighter for this portion, because I was afraid of getting too close to the flame!

IMG_4874We’re going to repeat the same process for the planner bands.  The only difference is that the planner bands are double the size!

Each band uses about 18 inches of elastic.

If you don’t have a planner you can make headbands like this instead!  I’ve seen lots of girls wearing those, and they are super cute! 🙂

IMG_4887I ended up making nine hair ties!

I accidentally used too much elastic for my white, glitter planner band, so I only had enough leftover for one hair tie! 🙁

Live and learn!

IMG_4886Here are my finished planner bands!

Don’t they look great?! 🙂

IMG_4876Happy Crafting!

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Julep Maven Review & Coupon – September 2015

Hi everyone!

It’s time for my monthly Maven review!

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IMG_4739Box Contents:

  • Alison – Classic with a Twist – Sweet Almond Soft Focus
  • Rayma – Classic with a Twist – Italian Plum Crème
  • Julep – Signature Crème
  • Light On Your Lips – Wink – Tea Rose Crème

IMG_4729Alison – Classic with a Twist – Sweet Almond Soft Focus

I was pretty skeptical of Alison when I first saw the polish color.  After testing it out on one of my fingernails, I think it’ll be a great neutral for me!

I’m going to paint it on my fingernails when I get some free time tomorrow!

Rayma – Classic with a Twist – Italian Plum Crème

This is a beautiful polish color!  Unfortunately, it’s a little too dark and fally for Florida right now!  I’ll definitely be using it in a month or two though!

IMG_4721Julep – Signature Crème

Julep included their new signature crème polish in my box this month!  How nice! 🙂

This pretty purple polish is the same exact shade of the boxes they ship out each month! That’s rather clever of them!

IMG_4731Light On Your Lips – Wink – Tea Rose Crème

I love Julep’s lipsticks, so I was super excited when I saw that they were launching some new fall colors for September!

I was really busy during the Maven Window a few weeks ago and didn’t carve out enough time to pick out a lipstick shade.  I ended up with the Classic with a Twist default shade and it doesn’t quite work for me. 🙁

IMG_4736I have very fair skin, and this lipstick is quite nude.  I’m not sure if you can tell how nude it is in the picture but it’s super nude.  When I put it on, my lips just kind of disappear!  That’s not good!  I’ll see if any of my friends want it!

The next time a Maven Window comes around, I’m going to stop everything I’m doing and pay attention to the makeup shades!!

IMG_4717Lastly, we have this month’s quote and coupon!

Free polish?! I’m about it! 🙂

Do you subscribe to Julep Maven?

What do you think of the September box?!

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