POPSUGAR Must Have Spring 2020 Review

Spring is wrapping up and summer is quickly approaching, which means it’s about time I shared my POPSUGAR Must Have Spring 2020 review! If you’ve been a PBTT reader for any length of time, then you’ll know I’ve been a POPSUGAR subscriber for many, many years! I still have mixed feelings about their switch from monthly to seasonal boxes, but no matter what, I love seeing these boxes show up in my mailbox!

If you’re interested in subscribing too, you can get $20 off your first box! What a great deal!

Popsugar Must Have Spring 2020 Review

POPSUGAR Must Have Spring 2020 Review

My Lab, Parker, loves checking out my boxes each season and looking to see if any of the items are for him! Unfortunately for him, none of the items this season are for pups! I did try to put the blue-light glasses on him and he was NOT having it! LOL

Popsugar Spring 2020 Beauty

Omorovicza – Magic Moisture Mist – Retail Value $95

I’m always so intrigued by the beauty items that POPSUGAR includes each season. They’re typically from high-ends brands I’ve never tried before.

This moisture mist certainly fits that bill! I had to enlist one of my friends to help me figure out what exactly a ‘moisture mist’ is for. She’s a beauty guru and let me know a few different ways this spray can be used. After trying a few different things, I decided that I like it best when sprayed right after my morning moisturizer and before I apply my foundation.

If you’re wary about face sprays, this one really is great! The mist is SO FINE, way better than some of the other options out there. If you’ve ever used a ‘chunky’ face spray, then you know how important and refreshing a nice mist can be!

Glow Recipe – Avocado Melt Retinol Eye Sleeping Mask – Retail Value $42

I LOVE a good eye mask! Especially one that is clearly marked with its intended daypart. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been bitten by eye creams that are for daytime use and are not labeled as such.

If you’ve never experienced the horrible sleep (or complete lack thereof) that comes with using a daytime eye cream at night, you are extremely lucky. If you have experienced all that loveliness, then give this eye cream a try! It’s rich, a pretty green color, and doesn’t disrupt your beauty sleep with caffeine.

POPSUGAR Spring 2020 Dishware

Canvas Home – Shell Bisque Cereal Bowls – Retail Value $66

If you know anything about me, then you probably know that I LOVE color! Light colors, dark colors, bright colors — all colors are for me!

Here’s a peak inside my dish cabinet. As you can see these new cereal bowls (pictured bottom right) fit right in!

Have you ever seen a happier kitchen cabinet? I sure haven’t!

POPSUGAR Spring 2020 Lifestyle

Bluma Project – Luna Necklace in Sand – Retail Value $75

This season, we were able to choose what color necklace we wanted. Between blue and beige-blush, I clearly went with the more neutral option!

I don’t wear a ton of statement jewelry these days but figured that the more neutral option would be best. I’m definitely more likely to wear it if it’s easy to match with my clothes.

Unfortunately, we’ve been on quarantine since my box arrived, so I haven’t had a chance to take this necklace for a spin yet. I’m excited to pair it with a few things as soon as quarantine lifts though. I think it’ll look great with a black blouse and high-waisted jeans!

The Book Club – Anti Blue Light Lenses – Retail Value $30

I’ve been intrigued by blue-light glasses for some time now, so I was very excited to see these included in my box this season. POPSUGAR let us choose between four styles, and I went with a clear, cateye shape. I have a pair of prescription cateye glasses, which I adore, so I figured cateye would be fun for these too.

I wear prescription glasses almost everyday and always at work, so I knew when I tried these out, I’d have to wear my contacts. I have pretty dry eyes, so I typically only wear contacts on days when I’m in the water or doing a big activity.

After trying blue-light glasses, I don’t think I’m a big fan. It’s not the glasses’ fault though. The glasses are super cute and very nice, they just aren’t for me.

I found that my eyes get too dry while wearing my contacts to comfortably wear them for a full workday. Also, it’s quite distracting that the second you put the glasses on, your entire field of vision has a yellow tint. I understand that’s how the technology works, but I just can’t get behind that. I work with a lot of color in my life and am not comfortable wearing glasses that distort my perception of that color. Like I said though, that’s all on me and not the glasses. The glasses are adorable and functional if you have the right eyes!

POPSUGAR Spring 2020 Crystals

Smudge Wellness – Glow Spell – Retail Value $49.50

Here’s another item that’s pretty but just not for me. I’m not a believer in crystals, tarot cards, etc., so I’m just not quite sure what to do with these.

I work with a girl who is all about crystals though, so I may check with her and see if she’s interested in these ones!

POPSUGAR Spring 2020 Special Extras

Yogi – Blackberry Apple Cider Digestive Awakening Tea – Special Extra

I love a good cup of tea! Especially caffeine-free tea before bed. There’s just something so soothing about it.

I was a little skeptical of the ‘apple cider vinegar’ aspect, but as long as you don’t sniff the tea bag too hard before steeping, you might never notice that it has apple cider vinegar in it. All in all, a very tasty before-bed tea option.

Clorox Scentiva – Disinfecting Wipes – Special Extra

Like I mentioned earlier, I received this box right after the mandatory quarantine started her in Florida. I don’t think POPSUGAR could’ve planned a better extra than Clorox wipes! How convenient that these showed up at my door right as all the stores were selling out of cleaning supplies!

I already have an open container of wipes, so I’m saving these to begin using as soon as my current container is empty. I’m most looking forward to the grapefruit one — citrus is one of my all-time favorite scents!

POPSUGAR Must Have Spring 2020 Review

Well there you have it, my full POPSUGAR Must Have Spring 2020 review! This box has a total retail value of $357.50, which is remarkable! My favorite items this season (and Parker’s favorites too) are the eye cream and the cereal bowls!

What about you? Do you subscribe to POPSUGAR Must Have? If so, what are your favorite items this season? If you don’t already subscribe, grab $20 off your first box!

Looking for more reviews? Check our my FabFitFun Spring 2020 Review as well! It’s been a good subscription box season, and I can’t wait to see what our summer boxes hold.

POPSUGAR Must Have Spring 2020 Review

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Top 4 Bible Journaling Supplies

Last summer, I started Bible journaling and dabbling in paper crafting and fell down the rabbit hole that is scrapbooking and stamping supplies, so today I’m sharing my top 4 Bible journaling supplies! Starting or ending the day with a little quiet, crafting time does wonders for me, and I bet you’d enjoy it too! So let’s dive in and start checking “designated crafting/quiet time” off our goals list for the year.

Top 4 Bible Journaling Supplies - Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes

If you’re new to Bible journaling or looking for some crafting inspiration, check out Illustrated Faith or #IllustratedFaith on Instagram! They share a lot of fun printables (both paid and free) along with inspiration, monthly kits, and more!

Top 4 Bible Journaling Supplies

Favorite Bible Journaling and Devotional Books - Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes

1) Bible and Devotional Books

100 Days of Bible Promises

This is the first devotional book I purchased in 2019. It’s written by Shanna Noel at Illustrated Faith. Each ‘devotion’ is two pages long. The first page has a short passage with 2-3 verses and the second page includes one more verse, a short payer, and then a wide-open space for journaling. I like to journal a few of the keywords or phrases from the passages on the first page.

100 Days of Less Hustle, More Jesus

This is the devotional book I’m currently working through. As we’re in the thick of COVID-19 and social distancing, I’m finding that a lot of the messages in this book are super applicable right now, which is fantastic!

100 Days of Grace & Gratitude

I don’t own this book yet, but it’s next on my list once I finish Less Hustle, More Jesus. I’ll probably finish my current workbook in late summer/early fall, and I think Grace & Gratitude will be fantastic to work through in the fall and throughout the Christmas season.

Journal the Word Bible – KJV

This is the journaling Bible I like to work in for various non-workbook based devotions. I went with the more traditional King James Version because that’s what I grew up with and like the most! There’s a section on each page that’s blank — perfect for doodling and note-taking. One day, I’d like to get the DaySpring Illustrating Bible — this Bible has even more room for journaling!

2) Journaling Mat

Illustrated Faith also makes a journaling mat, which is a hard sheet of plastic perfect for slipping between book pages to prevent ink from bleeding. I find this tool to be especially important when journaling directly in a Bible because those pages are much thinner and more likely to bleed, tear, etc.

Favorite Lettering and Journaling Pens - Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes

3) Pens

Illustrated Faith – Precision Bible Pen

I LOVE these pens. They come in two sizes, .25 and .65, and write incredibly smoothly. Along with black, they also sell a multi-color pack of the .65 size. I have both and use them every time I’m journaling.

Zebra – Mildliner Highlighters and Brush Pens

Mildliner highlighters are fantastic for highlighting your favorite passages. They come in tons of colors and are light enough that you can perfectly read whatever is underneath.

Mildliners are available in a combo pack with the Zebra Super Fine Funwari Brush Pens as well. I picked these up several months back and love the color options and the flexibility of the nibs.

A few other favorites:

Favorite Stamps and Ink - Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes

4) Ink and Stamps

Distress Ink

I love using ink to add a little color to my devotional or Bible pages. Depending on how much ink you use, you can achieve some really light or really dark patches of color. This ink blending tool is perfect for applying ink and keeps your hands pretty clean too! I’ve found that Distress Inks are much better for blending than they are for rubber or cling stamps.

Versa Magic – Dew Drops

I also love using chalk inks like Versa Magic to add a little color to my spreads. The formula is different than the Distress Inks above. These Dew Drops are great to use with the blending tool but also work really well with cling and rubber stamps.

Illustrated Faith – Date Stamp

I like to date all of my entries, and this is the stamp I use! It revolves, so you can change the date to whatever you want between January 2016 – December 2025. There’s even a blank ’20__ ‘year option, so you can use it long after 2025 if you’d like.

Paper Crafting Die Cuts - Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes


If you have a Tuesday Morning nearby, I suggest checking there for discounted die-cuts, alphabet stickers, washi tape, and more! They even have items from Illustrated Faith itself, which I really like! They have tons of American Crafts collections from Amy Tangerine, Maggie Holmes, and more. I’ve found that Tuesday Morning is way more stocked than my local JoAnn or Michaels when it comes to fun paper crafting lines!

Top 4 Bible Journaling Supplies - Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes

I hope you find my list of top Bible journaling supplies helpful as you begin (or carry on) your journaling journey! I have a full Amazon shopping list with the above items linked and much more. Check it out!

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Top 5 School Supplies for Back to School

Back to School: Top 5 School Supplies - Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes

It’s that time of year again! For me, back-to-school time ranks up there with Christmas and my birthday! There’s just something about pretty pens and new notebooks. I may not be a student anymore, but I still can’t get enough of the supplies! I’ve broken down my top 5 school supplies into categories below. Enjoy!

Back to School: Top 5 School Supplies - Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes

Top 5 School Supplies

1) Notebooks

May Designs - Top 5 School SuppliesMay Designs May Books

I LOVE notebooks from May Designs! If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve definitely seen my collection before. I have over 20 of these notebooks, so it just makes sense to have them as #1 on my list of top 5 school supplies! Each May Book is completely customizable. You can choose the size of the notebook, the cover art, text on the front, and the inside pages. I wish I had known about these notebooks when I was in school. I’d have had one for each and every subject!

Moleskine Journal - Top 5 School SuppliesMoleskine Cahier Journal

These journals are similar in size to the Classic May Books above. Perfect for slipping in your bag and taking notes on the go! I love the kraft paper cover and how easy they are to decorate on your own. No decoration is necessary though. The kraft paper is classic and chic.

2) Pens & Pencils

Paper Mate InkJoy Gel - Top 5 School SuppliesPaper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens

I’ve been using these pens for years and absolutely love them. The colors are bright and fun. The gel ink is smooth, dries very quickly, and rarely ever smears! Nowadays, I use my black ones the most but like to break out the colored pens for special occasions and birthday cards!

Paper Mate Flair Pens are a lot of fun too! Middle school, high school, and college Natalie got in on the Flair pen action! For a while there, I was using them every single day. There are just so many colors to choose from!

Cynthia Rowley Pens - Top 5 School Supplies

Cynthia Rowley Ballpoint Pens

If gel pens aren’t your thing, which I totally understand, perhaps you’ll like these ballpoint pens. There’s nothing too exciting about how this pen writes. The real excitement is the appearance. Wow, aren’t these gorgeous! They come in silver and rose gold. The silver is nice, but rose gold is my absolute favorite!

U Brands Pens - Top 5 School SuppliesUBrands Ballpoint Pens

Another great option if you prefer ballpoint pens. UBrands has quite a few pattern options when it comes to their pens. I have dotted ones, striped ones, floral ones, and ombre ones. They also offer them in felt tip. I have a few of those and love them too!

Paper Mate Clearpoint - Top 5 School Supplies

Paper Mate Clearpoint Mechanical Pencil

When it comes to crafting, I like to use wooden pencils. When it comes to schoolwork and lengthy writing, I’m all about the mechanical! I think I’ve been using these mechanical pencils since middle school. I’m that big of a fan. I’ve tried others and always come back to the Clearpoint 0.7. There’s just nothing better.

3) Highlighters

Zebra Mildliner Highlighter

I recently discovered these highlighters and absolutely love them! They come in tons of different colors and most of the colors are light enough to be easily seen through. If high school Natalie had known about these, they definitely would’ve been in her pencil pouch!

Bic Brite Liner - Top 5 School SuppliesBic Brite Liner Highlighter

If you’re all business when it comes to highlighters, I get that too. College Natalie used these Bic Brite Liners every single day. They’re inexpensive and work great! You never have to worry about the ink being too dark to see through either. Yellow highlighters are a classic for a reason.

4) Sticky Notes

Post-it Notes - Top 5 School SuppliesPost-it Notes

Over the years, I’ve collected tons of cute, themed sticky notes. Every time I go to use them, I have one problem though. They never seem to stick. And if a sticky note doesn’t stick, what’s it good for? Post-it Notes always stick, and they come in lots of colors. You just can’t go wrong with them!

5) Planners

You can’t go back to school without a good planner! Over the years, I’ve tried out my fair share of planning styles. The below planners and planning styles work best for where I am and what I’m doing in my life right now. Other great planners include the Erin Condren LifePlanner and the Day Designer.

Simplified Planner - Top 5 School SuppliesEmily Ley Simplified Planner

I’ve been using a Simplified Planner for a little over a year now. At work, I use it more as a dated to-do list than a place to keep track of meetings. It has a page for every day (except for the weekend) and lives up to its name when it comes to simplicity. I’m a big fan! I’ll be buying another one in the next few weeks for 2019.

Weekly Planner Printable - Top 5 School Supplies - Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes

Planner Printables

If you’re looking for something more economical and customizable, look no further than my free printables! You can find dozens of printables here on my blog that will help you make your perfect planner! If you’re looking for something you can’t find, shoot me a message! I’m always looking for printable suggestions!

I hope you enjoyed my list of top 5 school supplies! Do we have some of the same items on our lists or are your top 5 school supplies completely different than mine?

Is one of your top 5 school supplies something you think I’d enjoy? Share in the comments below! I love discovering new notebooks, pens, pencils, etc.

Top 5 School Supplies - Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes

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