FabFitFun Spring 2020 Review

FabFitFun Spring 2020 Review - Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes

Spring is here and so is this season’s FabFitFun box! Follow along below as Parker (my pup) helps me review the FabFitFun Spring 2020 box!

FabFitFun Spring 2020 Review - Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes

FabFitFun Spring 2020 Review

Parker’s first impression, “This sweater really is one size fits all!”

My first impression, “What a colorful box of goodies!”

It’s been almost two years since I received my last FFF box, so I’m pumped to dive into this one!

Ribbed Cardigan from FFF Spring 2020

Donni – Ribbed Sweater Coat – Retail Value $99

After seeing quite a few ads for this seasons’ box, I decided to subscribe because there were a few items that really caught my eye! One of those items is this cardigan. I LOVE cardigans and wear them all the time, so of course, I had to have this one.

This sweater is marked as one size fits all, which I don’t think is entirely true. While the sweater does technically fit, it doesn’t fit well enough to wear out on the town. It’s quite baggy on me, so I’ll only be wearing it inside my apartment. With that being said, I’ve been living in this cardigan since I received it, especially as I’ve been working from home for the last two weeks.

Calpak Packing Cubes from FFF Spring 2020

Calpak – Packing Cubes in Tutti Fruity – Retail Value $40

These packing cubes are another reason I decided to subscribe this season. I just couldn’t resist the adorable citrus pattern! It’s just too cute!

I have a trip planned for this May, and you better believe I’ll be packing these cuties in my suitcase! This set comes with three cubes sizes, which I think will help a lot with my suitcase organization but will probably not help with my tendency to overpack!

Reusable Straws from FFF Spring 2020

Chic & Tonic – Silicone Straws – Retail Value $15

The third and final item that convinced me to get this season’s box. How cheery and cute are these silicone straws?! If I were to describe these in one word, it would be “happy!”

This set comes with four straws, a brush for cleaning, and a carrying case. I’ve been using these straws nonstop over the last few weeks and don’t see that changing anytime soon — mainly because of how cute they look in my sparkling water!

Weight Sleep Mask from FFF Spring 2020

Gravity – Weighted Sleep Mask – Retail Value $39.99

After subscribing, I saw that this weighted sleep mask was one of my customization options and couldn’t resist selecting it. I have trouble sleeping sometimes, so I love trying new things that may help!

Weighted blankets are all the rage these days, so before taking the plunge and purchasing one, I figured I’d get my feet wet with the sleep mask first.

I sleep on my stomach or on my side most of the time, which is not ideal when it comes to using this mask. The mask will work much better for back sleepers. For me, I’ll have to take it with me the next time I go on a trip. It may work well as I lean my head back and try to sleep on an airplane.

Four Beauty Products from FFF Spring 2020

Here come the beauty products!

AG Hair – Fast Food Leave-On Conditioner – Retail Value $24

I use leave-in conditioner every night after I shower, so I was very pleased to see this product in my box. I’ve been using it every single night for the last few weeks and have been liking it quite a bit.

I probably won’t repurchase because my usual leave-in is a little cheaper, but I will definitely finish this entire tube.

Pürlisse – Watermelon Energizing 2 Minute Polishing Peel – Retail Value $35

This is another item that just screams “happiness” to me! The watermelon packaging is bright and cheerful and actually makes me think of summertime. It smells like watermelon candy too, which is another fun touch!

Unfortunately, the peel does not agree with my skin. I used it twice, and both times, I had a lot of breakouts to deal with. That’s not fun, but what will be fun is gifting this to one of my (less skin sensitive) friends!

This Works – Deep Sleep Body Cocoon – Retail Value $40

Like I mentioned above, I absolutely love trying “sleepytime” items. I use quite a few of the Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy sleep items already, so this cream is right up my alley!

I’ve been using it on my arms and legs a few nights a week and have been loving how calming the scent is. It’s the perfect blend of lavender and vetivert. The consistency is great too!

Jabonería Marianella – Imperial Jade Body Oil – Retail Value $68

Last but not least, we have a body oil! I’m going to be honest with you and tell you that I have not tried this product yet. Parker (my pup) has a thing for licking my legs when I apply lotions and such, and I haven’t worked up the energy to fend him off as I apply this one.

Now, you may be wondering why I’m able to apply the body cocoon above and not the oil. Well, the body cocoon I apply while I’m in bed and under the covers (a place where his tongue can’t reach). The oil I would need to apply in the bathroom, and I just know that he would be ALL over me! That’s being said. I will do my best to try this product soon!

FabFitFun Spring 2020 Review - Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes

All in all, I would say the FabFitFun Spring 2020 box was pretty great! I paid around $40 for this box, which has a total retail value of $361. That’s not too shabby at all!

Do you subscribe to FabFitFun? If so, what do you think of your Spring 2020 box?

If you’re not already a subscriber and want next season’s box, I can get you $10 off! What a deal!

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FabFitFun Spring 2020 Review - Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes

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