POPSUGAR Must Have Review – October 2015

Hi everyone!

I’m a little late with my October review! Whoopsie!!

IMG_5784Upon opening my box, I saw that POPSUGAR donated to a breast cancer foundation.  That was very nice of them!

IMG_5935Each box comes with a little brochure with information on each product featured for the month.

IMG_5937Box Contents:

  • Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling
  • Savvy Sleepers – Luxury Satin Pillowcase
  • Easy, Tiger – Brown Paper Liquor Bag Set
  • Belgian Boys – De Stroopwafel
  • The Honest Company – Sea Salt + Sugar Body Scrub
  • Richer Poorer – Hope Slipper Socks

Special Extras

  • It’s a 10 – Miracle Leave-in Product
  • Danielle Stevens – Monogram Gift Card

IMG_5924Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling – Retail Value $25

Mindy was pretty funny on The Office, so I’m sure her book will be great too!

I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to start reading this book!  I’m hoping to find some time during my Thanksgiving or Christmas breaks.

IMG_5929Savvy Sleepers – Luxury Satin Pillowcase – Retail Value $36

I’m a weirdo about some of my pillowcases!  I’ve been using the same one for years. It keeps ripping at the seams and my mom keeps sewing it up for me!

I like my pillowcases super soft and cuddly! I’ve tested out this satin one, and it seems like it will meet my standards perfectly!

IMG_5920Easy, Tiger – Brown Paper Liquor Bag Set – Retail Value $8

I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with these bags.  They are the perfect size for a bottle of wine, but I don’t ever take wine anywhere.

IMG_5922I’ll have to see if any of my friends can get some good use out of these!

IMG_5925Belgian Boys – De Stroopwafel – Retail Value $1.59

My brother, Robert, and my little, Jessica, absolutely love these candies!

Robert brought some back for my family and I to try when he came home from Europe several years ago.  They were pretty yummy!

My friends and I took a trip to New Orleans a few weeks ago and stumbled on some Stroopwafels in Whole Foods.  Jessica was pretty excited and couldn’t resist buying a few!

I had one with my tea last night, and it was delicious!

IMG_5931The Honest Company – Sea Salt + Sugar Body Scrub – Retail Value $17

I have heard some pretty great things about The Honest Company, so I was pumped when I saw this in my box!

It smells great and worked really well on my arms when I tried it out last night in my shower.

IMG_5915Richer Poorer – Hope Slipper Socks – Retail Value $15

I love socks! Especially soft, fuzzy, pink ones!

It’s way too hot in Florida right now to wear fuzzy socks, but I will definitely get some use out of these in the next few months!

IMG_5917It’s a 10 – Miracle Leave-in Product – Retail Value $11.96

I LOVE this conditioner!  I use it every single day after I shower.

I love that it comes in a spray bottle but that the conditioner isn’t watery!

I’ve used this original formula and the formula for blondes!  Both are great!

IMG_5939Danielle Stevens – Monogram Gift Card

I absolutely love monograms!

Unfortunately, I didn’t see anything I needed on the Danielle Stevens website, so I probably won’t be using this coupon.

IMG_5946The October box has a total retail value of $114.55 (not including the gift card).

Most boxes have a higher value than this one, but I won’t complain because I love almost all of the products!

Do you subscribe to POPSUGAR Must Have?!

What do you think of the October box?

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