POPOPSUGAR Must Have Review: December 2015

Hi everyone!

It’s time for my monthly POPSUGAR Must Have review!


I’m home from college on break right now and had to mess with my shipping to make sure I received this box in time!  They never sent me a tracking email, so my box arrived one day and was a pleasant surprise for me!


Box Contents:

  • Luv Aj The Rose – Gold Ombré Bracelet
  • Stowaway Cosmetics – Crème Lipstick Trio
  • Nima Oberoi – Lunares Geo Stopper
  • Swing Design Nova – Blue Mist Jewelry Box
  • My Cup of Cake – Classic Belgian Chocolate
  • Meri Meri – Silver Stars on White Glitter Tape
  • Tiny Prints – Gift Tag Stickers & Coupon


Luv Aj The Rose – Gold Ombré Bracelet – Retail Value $65

This bracelet is very nice and has great weight to it.  I was surprised when I saw the value of it.  Quite impressive!

I just wish it was one metal color and not three, but it’s still very nice.  I think it’ll make a great gift for someone in the future!


Stowaway Cosmetics – Crème Lipstick Trio – Retail Value $30

I was super excited when I saw these lipsticks in my box!  I love trying new lipsticks and these minis are adorable!


I know the flash is harsh on this photo but it was the best way to show you the color variations.


The colors are muted plum, raspberry, and cranberry.

I really love the muted plum color and the red is nice too.   Unfortunately, the raspberry is a little too pink for me, so I gave it my friend, Lindsey, to enjoy!


Nima Oberoi – Lunares Geo Stopper – Retail Value $24

This wine stopper is so pretty and luxurious!

I’m not a big wine drinker, but maybe I’ll become one so I can use my new topper! 🙂

It would also make a great housewarming or hostess gift!


Swing Design Nova – Blue Mist Jewelry Box – Retail Value $36

This jewelry box is absolutely beautiful! My mom was with me when I unboxed everything, and she loved it as well!


I like that it has the ribbon to keep the box from flopping all the way open. Super handy!


My Cup of Cake – Classic Belgian Chocolate – Retail Value $5.99

I’ve tried mug cake mixes like this before and they are fantastic!

I’m saving this one until I get back to school, but I’m sure it’ll be delicious!


Meri Meri – Silver Stars on White Glitter Tape – Retail Value $4

If you follow me on Instagram, you know how much I love washi tapes for my planner.  When I saw this tape, I thought it would be perfect. Upon closer inspection, I realized that it’s a different type of tape.  I won’t be able to use it for my planner, but I’m sure I’ll use it for something else!


Tiny Prints – Gift Tag Stickers & Coupon – Retail Value $20

These gift tags are quite cute!  It came with a bunch of them too!

I don’t think I’ll be using the promo code included with the gift tags though.  I have no real need for it.


The total retail value for the December box is $164.99 not including the Tiny Prints coupon.  That’s an awesome value!

I love how the December box included a lot of items that would be great for gifting!  I won’t be gifting them all, but I’m sure I’ll gift a few!

Do you subscribe to POPSUGAR Must Have?

What do you think of the December box?!

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DIY Brush Calligraphy Gift Tags

Hi everyone!

I have a super quick and easy Christmas (or any holiday) craft for you!

I was wrapping some Christmas presents in my college apartment a few days ago when I realized that I didn’t have any gift tags! Uh oh!  I quickly realized that I could easily make some tags out of sticker paper and brush pens!



  • Avery sticker paper
  • Colored pens or markers
  • Scissors


I’ll be using Tombow Dual Brush Pens but Crayola markers will work as well!

Green: 277

Red: 847

There are only three steps to this little craft.

  1. Write/Draw your desired names
  2. Cut out the names
  3. Stick them on your packages

Here’s a video of me demonstrating my brush lettering technique.

To achieve lettering like mine, all you have to do is apply pressure on the down stroke and release the pressure on the up stroke.  Sounds easy doesn’t it?  The steps are easy, but it takes a little bit of practice!  Definitely test out your writing on some printer paper before your start writing on the sticker paper!

For more tips, check out Pieces Calligraphy!  I follow her on Instagram, and she is fantastic!


Here’s the name I wrote in the video above.

The sticker paper absorbs the ink a little differently than sketchbook paper, so some of the edges are a little choppy.  I like to go back and smooth out a few of the edges.


Now we cut!

I like to cut in a wavy pattern and conform to the edges of the name.


All of the tags I’ve made so far have been for girls, so I’ve dotted every “i” and “j” with a heart.  The hearts add even more cuteness to the tags!


Time to peel and stick!


I’ve been placing my tags on the backs of my packages, but they’d also look quite nice on the front!


Here are the fronts of a few of my very pretty packages!


A few more pretty tags!

I absolutely love how these gift tags turned out!

They were so quick to make and look fantastic!

Happy Crafting and Merry Christmas!

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Stamp Spotlight: Monogram

Hi everyone!

I’ve recently acquired a few really pretty stamps that I want to share with you!


In the last few months, I’ve received both of these beautiful stamps as gifts!

The full monogram, rubber stamp is from my Aunt and Uncle.  They bought it for me for my birthday.  I can’t tell you how excited I was when I opened it!  I LOVE my monogram, and I love stamps.  The two together? Perfection!

If you’d like a full monogram, rubber stamp like mine, you can get one on Etsy right here.

The wooden, initial “N” stamp is from my friend, Kylie.  She bought it for me while studying abroad in London.  It’s amazing how detailed this stamp is!  So pretty!


Here’s a little sample of my stamping skills! 🙂

As you can see, I had a little bit of trouble with the wooden stamp.  The rubber is much easier to work with because it gives a little when you press down.  The wood doesn’t give, so it’s harder to stamp each and every detail.

With some practice, I know I’ll perfect the wooden stamp!


Here’s a little bit more of my full monogram!

I’m going to have to start writing some letters, so I can get some use out of my stamp!  I’m also thinking about personalizing some stationary!

I’ll be sure to let you know about any upcoming stamping projects!

Do you love stamps too?

Where are your favorite stamps from?!

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Julep Maven Review & Coupon: December 2015

Hi everyone!

It’s time for my monthly Julep Maven review!


The new packaging is pretty, but I think I like the old, solid purple boxes better. Oh well!


Box Contents:

  • Judy – Boho Glam – Moonbeam Iridescent Chrome
  • Virginia – Boho Glam – Mahogany Iridescent Molten
  • It’s Whipped – Matte Lip Mousse – Bisou
  • Cinnamon Candy Stick
  • Coupon


I wasn’t in love with the Classic With a Twist polishes this month, so I decided to go with the Boho Glam ones instead!

Virginia – Boho Glam – Mahogany Iridescent Molten

In the bottle, this polish looks more burgundy than brown, so I was a little disappointed when I opened it. The polish is still very pretty!  It’s just not the color I expected!

Judy – Boho Glam – Moonbeam Iridescent Chrome

I absolutely love this polish!  I’m wearing it on both my fingers and my toes right now!  It’s super pretty, shimmery, and fun!

I’ve gotten tons of compliments on it too! 🙂


It’s Whipped – Matte Lip Mousse – Bisou – Modern Mauve

I love the color of this lip product!  It’s perfect for me!

The formula is quite a bit different from the lip products I usually use, but I still like it.

Julep was pretty excited about their new curved applicator tip.  I’m not sure that I like it though.  I find it more difficult to control the amount of product your using.  With some practice, I’m sure I’ll get used to it!

I have a really hard time with lip color actually lasting, and thankfully, this product lasts a long time for me!  Yay!


Here is the December quote and coupon!

A free polish?! Don’t mind if I do!

I’m very happy with my box this month!  The products and colors are fantastic!  I’m pretty excited about the cinnamon candy too! 🙂

Do you subscribe to Julep Maven?!

What do you think of the December box?

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