DIY Hand Embroidery Motif – Betsy the Butterfly

Hi everyone!

I have a fun, springy embroidery project for you! IMG_9400Supplies:

  • Doodle Stitching: The Motif Collection by Aimee Ray (get it here)
  • Embroidery hoop (4 inch)
  • Embroidery floss
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Sharpie
  • Pencil

IMG_9399DMC Floss Colors:

  • 743 – dark yellow
  • 744 – light yellow
  • 958 – dark aqua
  • 964 – light aqua
Design courtesy of Doodle Stitching

This is the butterfly motif we will be using. IMG_9408We’re going to start by printing out the motif and tracing it with a Sharpie. IMG_9409Use your pencil to trace Betsy onto your fabric.

IMG_9416 Begin with the light yellow thread.

This project is made (almost) entirely with the Split Stitch.

This was my first time using the Split Stitch, and I’m not so sure about it. IMG_9418Continue with the light yellow and finish stitching the antennae. IMG_9424Continue with the light yellow thread.

Part of why I don’t like this stitch is that it’s not clean.  The threads were going everywhere and I wasn’t pleased. IMG_9428Use the light aqua thread to stitch Betsy’s head and body. IMG_9435Continue with the light aqua thread. IMG_9438Now, were going to move on to the dark aqua thread. IMG_9440Do you see what I mean about the stitch not being clean? The loose threads drive me crazy! IMG_9442I apologize for the blurry picture.  My camera wouldn’t focus.

We’re going to Satin Stitch the dots on each wing.  Before we do that though, we’re going to outline the dot first. IMG_9446Now, Satin Stitch over the outline. IMG_9448Do the same for the other dot. IMG_9450Now, use the dark yellow for the larger wing section. IMG_9454Continue on with the dark yellow thread and finish up the wings. IMG_9461Betsy the Butterfly is complete!

I love this motif but not the Split Stitch!  I won’t be using it again for quite some time!

What do you think about the Split Stitch?

Happy Crafting!! Bow signature pink

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