DIY Hand Embroidery Motif – Hello Darling Quote

Hi everyone!

I’ve been into crafting little phrases/quotes recently, so I have a easy, short embroidery phrase to share with you today.


  • Embroidery hoop
  • Embroidery floss
  • Fabric (I got mine at Hobby Lobby)
  • Needle
  • Pencil

IMG_1491DMC Floss Colors:

  • 3341 – peach
  • 747 – light blue (optional) I promise the blue thread actually matches the fabric.  It looks completely off in this picture  though.

First, find a font (or two) that you like and type out the phrase.

Then, trace the phrase onto your fabric.


Were going to Back Stitch the “Hello.”  Instead of just one “row” of the Back Stitch, we’re going to do two.

Because I was going to Satin Stitch the “Darling,” I wanted the “Hello” to be thick too.

IMG_1503 IMG_1507 IMG_1510 IMG_1518This was the first time I’ve ever done two Back Stitches next to each other.  It was a little annoying, but I really like the look!

IMG_1521Separate your six strand thread into two strands of three for this next portion.

We’re going to use the thinner thread to outline the “Darling.”  Outlining make the Satin Stitch much easier!

IMG_1528I wasn’t sure how the Satin Stitch was going to look, so I did a little test portion!

IMG_1530If you’re confident in your Satin Stitch, you can definitely skip the testing portion!

After testing, I went ahead and outlined the rest of the word.

I tried my best to outline inside of the pencil lines, because I didn’t want to make “Darling” extra thick when it came time to do the Satin Stitch.

IMG_1538 IMG_1542 IMG_1544 IMG_1565Continue with the Satin Stitch until “Darling” is done!

IMG_1569Our project is complete!

I love the color combination, and I had a good time practicing my Satin Stitch!

Happy Crafting!

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