DIY Hand Embroidery Motif – Sweet Cupcake

Hi guys!

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and I have a cute embroidery project for you! IMG_8058Supplies:

  • Doodle Stitching The Motif Collection by Aimee Ray (Get it here!)
  • Embroidery hoop
  • Embroidery floss
  • Fabric (I used light pink gingham)
  • Needle
  • Pencil
Design courtesy of Doodle Stitching

The Motif Collection book is FANTASTIC, because it comes with a CD of all the embroidery designs.  It makes it so easy to download the images and print them in any size for your projects! IMG_8013We’re going to start our project by printing out the cupcake and tracing it onto our fabric.

I chose to place my cupcake at a bit of an angle!  It adds a little whimsy!! IMG_8015Now, we’re going to dive right in to the stitching!

This entire project is made with the Back Stitch. IMG_8018This project is super quick and easy to do if you’re in a hurry! IMG_8019I love the heart on our cupcake! It makes the cake so much cuter! IMG_8021The blue icing looks kind of like a fluffy cloud! IMG_8023Feel free to add some French Knot sprinkles or another fun accent! IMG_8025I was going to add sprinkles to my cupcake, but I forgot! I can always go back and add them though! IMG_8026Now comes the words!

I went through a phase where I downloaded a TON of fonts off the internet!

The font I used here is one of them.  This font is called “always forever.”  You can find it here, or you can use your own font!

I chose to place my words at an angle to add some (more) whimsy! IMG_8030Stitch the words!

It’s easier if you use small stitches.  You have more control, and it ends up looking neater and nicer. IMG_8050Once the words are complete, you’re all done!! IMG_8055Isn’t it so fun?!

I love it!

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Crafting!!! Bow signature pink

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  1. Very cute and looks so easy to do! I used to do a lot of embroidery, although it’s been many years since I did any.

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