Best Planner for 2022

Best Planner for 2022 - Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes

I’ve been a planner girl for many years and over the years, I’ve tried quite a few different planners! Enough planners to definitely say, I know the best planner for 2022 for me! Is it the best for you too? Let’s find out!

Rifle Paper Co. Planner - Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes

Best Planner for 2022

Drumroll please…the best planner for 2022 goes to Rifle Paper Co.

Want to know why it’s the best planner for 2022? Keep reading!

You can also check out last year’s planner post for my thoughts going into 2021.

Rifle Paper Co. Planner - Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes

Rifle Paper Co.

This will be my second year using a 17-month spiral-bound hardcover planner from Rifle Paper Co. and I don’t see myself switching brands anytime soon. Why, you ask? Well this planner has quite a few features that I adore including

  • Hardcover design — you never have to worry about the cover ripping in your bag.
  • Spiral-bound — I love being able to fold my planner in half on my desk. A spiral-bound planner takes up way less space than other bound planners.
  • Interior pages — this planner is a week-on-two-pages format with 16 bulleted lines (in two columns) for each weekday with 8 bulleted lines for each weekend day. In my opinion it’s the perfect amount of space for moderately busy people. I rarely use up every single bullet with my to-do list each day. These planners also come with monthly spreads.
  • Included sticker sheets — this planner comes with two full pages of stickers to use throughout the year. If you’ve been following me since the beginning, then you know how much I love a planner sticker
  • Price point — while Rifle Paper Co. planners are not cheap, they are less expensive than some of the other popular planner brands like Emily Ley, Day Designer, or Erin Condren. While Rifle planners are less expensive and cost around $36, I do not feel like I’m sacrificing quality. Right now, you can even score this other floral pattern for just $25!
  • Florals — I love the floral pattern options! They’re so happy and always make me smile.

So those are the reasons that I think the Rifle Paper Co. planner is the best planner for 2022. Your needs may be different than mine though, and that’s okay too!

I’ve used many planners over the years and have thoughts to share on those too!

Additional Planner Options

Simplified by Emily Ley

I used a Daily Simplified Planner for three years and absolutely loved it! These planners have hard covers, are spiral bound, and come in lots of adorable patterns.

Unlike my Rifle planner, the Daily Simplified Planner has a full page for every weekday and a half page for each weekend day. Each page is broken down in two columns (one with bullets and the other with hours of the day) along with a big blank box at the bottom of each page for notes.

These planners also come with stickers and have monthly spreads too.

Simplified Planners are beautiful and are made exceptionally well. All that goodness comes with a hefty price tag though. A Daily Simplified Planner will run you $60.

It’s worth noting that Simplified makes weekly and monthly planners as well. I always preferred the daily though.

Day Designer

I used a Day Designer Daily Planner a few years ago and enjoyed it as well. Day Designer Daily Planners look very similar to Daily Simplified Planners.

They have a full page for every day, monthly spread pages, stickers, goal-setting worksheets, etc.

To me, the main difference between a Day Designer and a Daily Simplified Planner are the daily planner pages. The Simplified Planner has a more simple design, where the Day Designer has a few extra boxes for dinner, gratitude, top 3 to-dos, and more.

Day Designer Daily Planners are also similarly priced to Simplified Planners and cost $59.

Erin Condren LifePlanner

If you’re into sticker planning, then the Erin Condren LifePlanner is the one for you! If you’ve followed me since college, then you’ll know I used to be a HUGE sticker planner and loved my Erin Condren LifePlanner!

I still love stickers and planners but my planners serve a different purpose now, so I’ve moved away from the LifePlanner. They are still fantastic products though!

I always loved the vertical planner layout, but LifePlanners also come in horizontal and hourly layouts.

Vertical layouts are perfect for sticker planning and much more! They are a week-on-two-pages design with each day’s column divided into four sections, which can be used to indicate morning, afternoon, evening, and notes. Or any other configuration you would like.

LifePlanners also come with monthly calendar spreads, a yearly calendar, stickers, goal setting worksheets, and more.

LifePlanners are similarly priced to both Simplified Planners and Day Designers and have a base price of $59. You also have the option to customize your planner, which could increase the price by $10+.

Well, there you have it — a breakdown of why I think the Rifle Paper Co. planner is the best planner for 2022 along with three other planner options for those with different planning wants and needs!

Which planner will you be using in 2022?

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Best Planner for 2022 - Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes
Best Planner for 2022 - Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes

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