POPSUGAR Must Have Review: August 2016

Hello everyone!

My POPSUGAR Must Have box has arrived, and I’m excited to share it with you!


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The keywords for the August box are, “motivation, organization, order and fresh, transition, back-to-school.”


Box Contents:

  • Cargo Cosmetics – “The Big Easy” Powder Blush
  • Cookie Pop Popcorn – Cookies & Cream
  • Unplugged – Dusti Screen Cleaner
  • Baggu – Duck Bag
  • Triple C – PowerGloss in Silver
  • Christian Lacroix Paris – Paseo Sticky Note Folio


Cargo Cosmetics – “The Big Easy” Powder Blush

POPSUGAR sneak peeked this blush in one of their emails earlier this month.  I was pretty pleased when I saw it in my inbox!


“The Big Easy” is a natural, peachy pink color.  It’s perfect for my everyday makeup routine!

The blush is very soft, so I have to be careful when I use it that I don’t loosen too much and make a mess!  I’ve spilled makeup powder on myself more times than I would like, and try to avoid it as much as I can!


Cookie Pop Popcorn – Cookies & Cream

As you know, I always look forward to the snack that POPSUGAR includes each month!

This month’s snack did not disappoint! Cookie Pop is sweet without being too sweet, which can happen with some flavored popcorns!

Along with the yummy taste, I’m also quite pleased with the size of this bag!  It’s full size!  That’s a lot of popcorn!! 🙂


Unplugged – Dusti Screen Cleaner

These little, screen cleaners are quite cute!  The idea is that they stick to your phone case and you can remove them and clean your screen at any time.

I don’t like to stick things on my phone, so I’ll be using these for my laptop instead!  I just cleaned my laptop screen with the raindrop one, and am pleased and grossed out by how much dirt it collected!  EW!


Baggu – Duck Bag

I love bags!  I purchase and receive entirely too many, but I’m not complaining!

This duck bag is large and versatile.  I can see myself using it quite often!  Unfortunately, this leopard print is not my style!  I wish I’d received one of the other pattern options instead.

I’ve done some research and found a “Swaps” board on one of my favorite subscription box blogs! I found someone who wants the leopard print and will trade me for a navy stripe pattern!  I’m waiting to be accepted to the “Swaps” board, and then I’ll hopefully get the navy stripe pattern I want.  I will get much more use out of the navy than I will the leopard!


Triple C – PowerGloss in Silver

I’ve always been interested in portable phone chargers, so I was very happy when I saw this charger in my box!

The charger is intended to look like makeup.  They designers certianly succeeded with that!  I really thought this was a lipstick or nail polish when I opened the box!

The one negative is that the little cord it comes with does not fit iPhones.  I find that to be quite odd considering the popularity of Apple products! Oh well! I can plug my own charging cord into the device!


Christian Lacroix Paris – Paseo Sticky Note Folio

I absolutely love sticky notes and cute notepads!  I have acquired quite the collection over the years!


The ombre pattern makes these sticky notes super fun!

I also really like the little book aspect!  I can easily take these sticky notes with me and use whatever color I’m feeling at the moment!


The August box has a total retail value of $104.98!  That’s a little less than the usual total value, but it’s still great for a $40 box!

Do you subscribe to POPSUGAR Must Have?!

What do you think of the August box?

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