Julep Maven Review & Coupon – January 2015

Hi everyone!

It’s time for my monthly Julep Maven review!

IMG_7326Before I start my review, I want to show you the cute Christmas card that Julep sent me!

IMG_7328Such a sweet idea!

IMG_7309If you’d like to receive fun goodies each month, click here!!

IMG_7312Box contents:

  • Oxygen Nail Treatment – Ivory
  • Tyra – Boho Glam – Metamorphic Top Coat
  • Maryam – Classic with a Twist – Dark Merlot Shimmer
  • Luxe Lip Conditioning Treatment – Sheer Pink
  • Junior Mints
  • Coupon

IMG_7316The January theme is ” The Chrysalis Collection.”

IMG_7320Oxygen Nail Treatment – Sheer Ivory

I’ve never used any of Julep’s “treatments” before, but this one seems pretty nice.

I applied it to my fingernails several days ago, and I really like the look.  It’s very sheer and makes my natural nail look brighter.  It’s perfect for when you don’t want the hassle of a colored polish on your nails but still want your nails to look nice!

IMG_7325Tyra – Boho Glam – Metamorphic Top Coat

The Metamorphic Top Coat was a special and exciting extra in my box this month!

Maryam – Classic with a Twist – Dark Merlot Shimmer

At first, I didn’t like the look of Maryam.  In the bottle, the polish looks brown and a little weird, but after I applied it, I was much happier!!

I don’t know how to describe the color exactly (other than it being a dark Merlot shimmer), but I promise; it’s very pretty!!

IMG_7331As I mentioned before, the Metamorphic Top Coat was a special extra this month.

In December, Julep sent out an email saying that if I signed up I could receive one of two or three different metamorphic polishes in my January Box.  There was no risk in signing up, so I went ahead and did it!

The paper that came with the top coat said that it would transform my polish with a “chameleon effect.”  I tried it on an accent nail over Maryam and didn’t see much of a difference.  I will have to try it with a few other polishes before I determine what exactly it’s supposed to do.

IMG_7321Luxe Lip Conditioning Treatment – Sheer Pink

I’m not a huge fan of lip glosses, so I probably won’t get much use out of this product.

The pink color is very sheer, and I didn’t notice any tinting when applied to my lips.  This product comes in four colors, and I wonder if the magenta and fig are just as sheer?

IMG_7317As usual, a coupon was included in the box! This one is for 30% off and is good for two uses!

What did you think of your January Maven box?!  Did you receive a Metamorphic Top Coat?!

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