Julep Maven Review – Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Hi everyone!

Julep had some great Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals!  I couldn’t resist picking up a few things for myself!

DSCN3646I didn’t buy that much stuff, so I was pretty surprised when I got this HUGE box in the mail!

DSCN3651I bought two sets during the sale.

  • Leading Ladies
  • Midnight Masquerade

DSCN3654Leading Ladies

This is a set of six out of the 12 polishes from “The Birthstone Collection.”

  • Martina – July – Ruby
  • Julie – October – Pink Tourmaline
  • Rosa – February – Amethyst
  • Aretha – March – Aquamarine
  • Kathy – June – Pearl
  • Savannah – December – Topaz

At the beginning of each month, a polish based on that month’s birthstone is released.  I’ve been wanting some of the birthstone polishes since the beginning of their release last January.

I could never decide which ones to buy, so I was very excited when I saw this set.  It has all my favorite birthstone polishes plus a few extras!

I had my fingernails painted with Kathy earlier in the week.  The polish has more of a gold tone to it than I was expecting, but it is still very pretty!

Martina is currently painted on my ring fingers as an accent.  I painted a coat or two over Ilga from my December box.  The effect is great! It’s perfect for Christmas!

DSCN3660Midnight Masquerade

  • Abigail – Classic with a Twist – Light Peony Pink Silk
  • Michelle – Boho Glam – Midnight, Inky Blue Crème

Abigail is one of my favorite polishes.  It’s less pink in person and is the perfect neutral polish for me!

When I saw that this set was included in the sale, I had to get it.  I’m almost out of my original bottle of Abigail, so I decided to get another one.

I haven’t had a chance to try Michelle yet, but I’m sure I’ll like it.  I have a different navy polish, and it’s very nice!

Did you buy anything during the big sale?!

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Julep Maven Review & Coupon – December 2014

Hi everyone!

It’s time for my monthly, Julep Maven review!

DSCN3619If you’d also like to receive these pretty, purple boxes every month, click here!

DSCN3623Box Contents:

  • Ilga – Classic with a Twist – Rich Bordeaux Crème
  • Sienna – Classic with a Twist – Sophisticated, Shimmery Gold
  • Orbital Eyeshadow – Airglow – Champagne Pearlescent with Rose Gold
  • Two Peppermints
  • Coupon

DSCN3641December features “The Countdown Collection.”

DSCN3626I love both of my polishes this month!  Both are perfect for the Christmas season!

Sienna – Classic with a Twist – Sophisticated, Shimmery Gold

I haven’t tried out this gold polish yet, but I’m hoping to soon!  It’s perfect for an accent nail or polka dots!

I read online that this color was reintroduced for the December box.  I don’t like the fact that they recycled Sienna, but I won’t be too upset until I get a duplicate.

Ilga – Classic with a Twist – Rich Bordeaux Crème

My fingernails and toenails are both painted with Ilga right now!  It’s such a classic, dark red.  I absolutely love it!

DSCN3635Orbital Eyeshadow – Airglow – Champagne Pearlescent with Rose Gold

This eyeshadow is beautiful! There were quite a few different colors offered, and I was very pleased to see that the one chosen for me is one of my favorite shades!

It’s more glittery than the shimmer shadows that I usually wear, but I still love it!

DSCN3642As usual, Julep included a coupon in the box.  This one is good for two uses and expires January 31, 2015!

What did you get in your December box? Are you in love with your polishes too?!

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