POPSUGAR Must Have Review: May 2016

Hi everyone!

My POPSUGAR Must Have box has arrived!


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I’m loving the new product info card design!


Box Contents:

  • Bluma Project – Capri Bracelets – Set of 2
  • Kocostar – Foot Therapy
  • SPONGELLE – Spongology Body Buffer
  • GAIAM – Foldable Yoga Mat
  • Happy Spritz – Breathe Deeply
  • Jimmybar! – Peanut Butter Clutter Jimmybar! Clean Snack Bar

Special Extras:

  • Hint Kick – Black Raspberry Infused Water
  • Revlon – Volume + Length Magnified Mascara
  • Half Hitch Goods – $10 Gift Card


Bluma Project – Capri Bracelets – Set of 2 – Retail Value $44

I really like the colors of these bracelets!  Navy is one of my favorite colors, and I especially like it with gold!

Unfortunately, these bracelets are a little more boho than I am.  These will make a great gift.  I just need to figure out who that gift would be for!


Kocostar – Foot Therapy – Retail Value $10

I was very intrigued when I saw this product in the box!


This is what the treatment looks like when you take it out of the package.

When it’s cut down the middle, it becomes two, little booties to put on your feet.


Here are my feet in the little booties! 🙂

The instructions say to leave it on your feet for 1.5 hours, so that’s what I did!  I walked around the house a little while wearing them.  They were rather squishy and funny feeling!

I didn’t pay much attention to how my feet felt before the treatment (whoopsie!), but I do believe they are a little softer now.

One thing I didn’t like about this product was that it stripped my toenail polish of its vibrant blue color.  I wasn’t expecting that!


SPONGELLE – Spongology Body Buffer – Retail Value $20

I’ve received a SPONGELLE product in one of my previous boxes, so I was very excited to see another one in this month’s box!

This buffer smells FANTASTIC and works really well!  When my last Spongology sponge ran out of body wash, I kept the sponge and continued to use it.  I’ll be doing the same when this buffer runs out of soap!


GAIAM – Foldable Yoga Mat – Retail Value $24.98

I haven’t done yoga in a long time, but I do enjoy it.  Maybe I’ll start up again soon!

Unfortunately, I already have two yoga mats.  At least this one is foldable and doesn’t take up much space!


Happy Spritz – Breathe Deeply – Retail Value $25

I absolutely love the way this spray smells!  The peppermint and eucalyptus are fantastic!

I’ve sprayed it on my face several times now, and it’s quite nice.  It dries quickly and doesn’t leave you oily or with any residue.  That’s a major plus!

I think this is going to be great the next time I have a cold or a stuffy nose!


Jimmybar! – Peanut Butter Clutter Jimmybar! Clean Snack Bar – Retail Value $2.49

I was pleasantly surprised by the texture and flavor of this bar.  I was expecting something flavorless and chalky.  It was actually quite moist and had a pretty good flavor!

Hint Kick – Black Raspberry Infused Water – Retail Value $1.69

I’ve never had one of these waters before, so I was quite intrigued by it.

The flavor was okay, but I think it would be much better if they added a little sugar!



Revlon – Volume + Length Magnified Mascara – Retail Value $8.99

This mascara couldn’t have come at a better time!  I’m almost out of my current tube!

I haven’t noticed any difference in the length or volume of my lashes, but I do like that the formula isn’t too wet.  I’ll definitely continue to use it for a while!

The May box also included a $10 gift card for Half Hitch Goods, but I forgot to take a photo of it. I looked on their website and they have some nice things, but I don’t think I’ll be using my $10.


I’ll end up using almost (or have already used) all of these products, so I’d say the May box was a win!

The total retail value for this box (not including the gift card) is $137.15!  That’s pretty good!

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What do you think of the May box?

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