POPSUGAR Must Have Review – March 2015

Hi everyone!

It’s time for my monthly POPSUGAR Must Have review! IMG_8912To receive fun boxes likes this each month, click here! IMG_8916The inspiration for the March box was renewal, citrus, spring break, fresh, and traveling. IMG_8917This card gives details on every item included in the box.

Box contents:

  • Bliss – Micromagic Microdermabrasion Treatment
  • Greenmarket Purveying Co. – The Archivist Lemon + Cucumber Reed Diffuser Kit
  • Samdura – Pink Piña Zip Pouch
  • Knock Knock – What to Pack Pad
  • Wet Brush – The Squirt
  • Halfpops – Halfpopped Popcorn

Special Extras:

  • Benefit Cosmetics – Roller Lash Mascara
  • Benefit Cosmetics – The POREfessional

IMG_8938Bliss – Micromagic Microdermabrasion Treatment – Retail Value $48

At first, I was a little skeptical of this product.  I looked at a lot of reviews online and the majority of them were very positive.  The negative reviews kind of worried me though.  I eventually sucked it up and gave the scrub a try.

I’m happy to report that it’s FANTASTIC! My face was so incredibly smooth when I got out of the shower after using it!

The directions say to only use it twice a week, so (as weird as this is) I’m pumped for when I get to use it again! IMG_8946Greenmarket Purveying Co. – The Archivist Lemon + Cucumber Reed Diffuser Kit – Retail Value $20

I’ve never use a reed diffuser before, but I’ve always thought they were pretty cool.  I decided to put this one in my bathroom.

I love the lemon and cucumber smell!  It’s very fresh and perfect for spring! IMG_8942Samdura – Pink Piña Zip Pouch – Retail Value $40

I like the size and color of this pouch!  It’s perfect for storing sunscreen and other larger items that have the potential to spill.

The POPSUGAR retail value is $40.  The pouch is nice but I would never pay that much for it.  It’s just plastic with a zipper not too impressive. IMG_8935 Knock Knock – What to Pack Pad – Retail Value $7

I love this notepad!  I always makes lists when I travel to make sure I don’t forget anything, so this is perfect for me!

I love the fact that there are blank spaces under each category. Those are perfect for adding my own items! IMG_8929Wet Brush – The Squirt – Retail Value $4.99

I was always told to never brush my hair when it’s wet, but because I received this brush in my box, I decided to give it a try.

Unfortunately, the brush didn’t work for me. I know that sounds odd, but it’s true.  The bristles wouldn’t latch on to my hair and brush though it. They just glided over top without actually brushing my hair.

My best friend, Kylie, has a Wet Brush and loves it.  I don’t know why it didn’t work for me though.  Weird! IMG_8934Halfpops – Halfpopped Popcorn – Retail Value $1.69

I’ve never had halfpopped popcorn before.

The flavor was good but the snack itself was odd. I don’t know how to describe it other than weird. I didn’t hate it, but I also didn’t love it.

This is one of those things that you just have to try for yourself! IMG_8926Special Extra – Benefit Cosmetics Samples

I love Benefit, so I couldn’t have been happier to receive these in my box!

Roller Lash Mascara

I first tried the new Roller Lash Mascara in my March Sample Society box, and I love it!

It works really well and doesn’t clump!

I definitely do not mind the repeat!

The POREfessional

POREfessional is a fantastic face primer that reduces the look of pores and smooths the skin.

I use it everyday and love it!

I’m always happy to have a travel size for whenever I go on trips! IMG_8920The March POPSUGAR Must Have box has a total retail value of $121.68!  That’s fantastic!

Out of the three months I’ve had POPSUGAR, this has been my least favorite month.  Oh well!

As with all subscription boxes, you’re going to like some months better than others!

What do you think of the March POPSUGAR box?! Bow signature pink


Spring Break in Savannah!

Hi all!!

This spring break, my best friend, Kylie, and I decided to road trip to Savannah, Ga., for a few days.  We drove up on Monday and came back on Wednesday.  That seems like a really short amount of time, but it was actually perfect for us!


We had a lot of fun on our trip!  We ate a lot of really good meals and did lots of shopping!


Here are a few of the places we ate!

The Six Pence Pub


Kylie and I were starving by the time we got to Savannah, so the first thing we did was find some place to eat.  The Six Pence Pub was really good.  I ordered a Reuben, and it was probably the best Reuben I have ever had!  I definitely recommend going to The Six Pence Pub if you’re ever in Savannah!

The Lady & Sons


I was really excited to eat at Paula Deen’s The Lady & Sons! We didn’t make reservations beforehand, because we weren’t sure whether we were going to eat there or not.  We walked inside around six o’clock, and we we’re told that their next available reservation wasn’t until 7:30.  Neither of us were hungry yet, so we went ahead and put our names on the list.  While we were waiting, we did some shopping in the Paula Deen Store right next door.  I bought a souvenir for myself and one for my dad!

When our names were called, we went up to the third floor to enjoy our meal!  I ordered the chicken pot pie! It was huge, so I only ate a little bit of it!  What I did eat of it was delicious! Kylie got fried chicken.  It was also really good!  If  you can get a reservation, I definitely recommend going to The Lady & Sons.

Moon River Brewing Company


Kylie was really excited to go to this restaurant!  She’s a huge fan of the show Ghost Adventures and the show’s host, Zak Bagans.  The Moon River Brewing Company was featured several years ago on the show.  It is believed that a ghost named Toby haunts the billiard room of the brewing company.  It is also believed that one of the ghosts that resides at the brewing company likes to push people down the stairs.  For this reason, patrons of the brewing company are not allowed upstairs.

I was expecting the waitress or hostess to mention the ghosts or the building’s notoriety.  I was really disappointed when they didn’t say anything about it!

Along with the festive ghosts, the Moon River Brewing Company had really good food!  I would definitely go back!

Sweet Carolina Cupcakes


I LOVE cupcakes, so I was really excited to go to this place!  It looked really cute from the outside, and the inside was cute as well. I bought “Sweet Carolina,” their signature cupcake.  Kylie and I had just eaten lunch before we went to the cupcake shop, so I got my cupcake to go and saved it for later.

Later that day, I ate my cupcake and was VERY disappointed!!  The cupcake was very dry and flavorless, and the icing was hard.  I’ve eaten many cupcakes in my life, and I don’t think I’ve ever had one as bad as this one! I threw the entire cupcake away after only two or three bites!

Maybe they usually make delicious cupcakes and I just got one from a bad batch.  Who knows what happened?! All I know is that I was very sad and quite disappointed!!

I would probably give Sweet Carolina Cupcakes another chance, but if I get another cupcake like the first, I definitely would not go back!


As I said earlier, Kylie and I did a ton of shopping in Savannah!

One store we went to that I fell in love with was Nourish Natural Bath Products.


The shop was so cute and filled with so many wonderful bath products!

Kylie has been looking for bath bombs for the last few months, and we finally found some at Nourish!  They had a huge display, with so many different scents to choose from!  She picked six of her favorites to take home with her.


I bought quite a few bars of soap while we were there! The reggae sunsplash, vanilla raspberry, and travel bundle are all for me! I bought the Apparition Ale bar for my older brother and the natural soap sampler for my mom.

They have an online store, which you can access at handcraftedsoap.com. I haven’t been able to make the website work on my laptop, but it does work on my iPad.

I haven’t used any of the soap yet.  I’m waiting until I get back to my apartment to do so!  I have a feeling that I am going to LOVE it and will be buying more in the future!


Because Savannah is known as “America’s Most Haunted City” and Kylie loves ghosts, we decided to go on the Ghosts and Gravestones trolley tour.


The tour involved two different stops!  The fist stop was to an empty warehouse that was the scene of a triple axe murder many, many years ago.  Our tour guide gave us EMF detectors, and let us wander around the building to look for ghost activity.


The red and green thing in Kylie’s hand is the EMF detector.  When the red light appeared that meant that a ghost was near.  When the device was lit, we could ask yes or no questions that the ghost would then answer.  The detector would light up one way for “yes” and a different way for “no.”  We never got to the asking questions portion of the hunt, but it was still fun!

Our second stop was the Perkins and Sons Ship Chandlery.  At this stop, we listened to a man tell a haunting tale from the past.  His story was pretty creepy! It definitely kept with the spooky theme of the tour!

Between stops, our tour guide told us tales about a lot of the buildings and squares we passed.

The tour was scary but not too scary!  I’m kind of wimpy when it come to scary things, so I was very glad that the tour wasn’t to spooky!!

I had a lot of fun on our spring break trip, and I can’t wait for my next adventure!!