Julep Maven Review & Coupon: April 2016

Hi everyone!

It’s time for my monthly Julep Maven review!


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Box Contents:

  • Love Your Bare Face – Detoxifying Cleansing Stick
  • Konjac Sponge – Kaolin Clay
  • Kimball – Classic with a Twist – High-Voltage Watermelon Vivid Sheer
  • Brigitte – Classic with a Twist – Bright White Crème
  • Air Head (Yummy yummy!)
  • Coupon



Love Your Bare Face – Detoxifying Cleansing Stick

This cleansing stick smells just like the cleansing oil I received last week.  It’s very citrus-y and refreshing!

I am worried that this soap may be causing my forehead to break out, which upsets me quite a bit!  I’ve only been using it for a few days now, so I can’t definitively say if it’s this cleanser, the sponge, or something completely different!



Konjac Sponge – Kaolin Clay

I absolutely LOVE the way this sponge feels on my face!  I received the body konjac sponge several months ago, and loved it too!

As I mentioned above, this sponge could possibly be causing my breakouts.  If I determine that it is the cause, I will most likely end up just using the sponge on my body, since it’s way less sensitive!


Kimball – Classic with a Twist – High-Voltage Watermelon Vivid Sheer

This polish looks quite red in the bottle, but it actually is the vivid watermelon color that Julep describes it to be!

I have it painted on my toenails right now and it’s super fun and summery!

Brigitte – Classic with a Twist – Bright White Crème

I know this polish looks peachy in the photo (I think it’s reflecting the color of the tissue paper), but it’s definitely white!

I used Brigitte under Kimball to really make the watermelon pop!


Here are April’s quote and coupon!

As always, the coupon is good for two uses until the end of the month!

Do you subscribe to Julep Maven?!

What do you think of your April box?

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Julep Maven Review & Coupon: December 2015

Hi everyone!

It’s time for my monthly Julep Maven review!


The new packaging is pretty, but I think I like the old, solid purple boxes better. Oh well!


Box Contents:

  • Judy – Boho Glam – Moonbeam Iridescent Chrome
  • Virginia – Boho Glam – Mahogany Iridescent Molten
  • It’s Whipped – Matte Lip Mousse – Bisou
  • Cinnamon Candy Stick
  • Coupon


I wasn’t in love with the Classic With a Twist polishes this month, so I decided to go with the Boho Glam ones instead!

Virginia – Boho Glam – Mahogany Iridescent Molten

In the bottle, this polish looks more burgundy than brown, so I was a little disappointed when I opened it. The polish is still very pretty!  It’s just not the color I expected!

Judy – Boho Glam – Moonbeam Iridescent Chrome

I absolutely love this polish!  I’m wearing it on both my fingers and my toes right now!  It’s super pretty, shimmery, and fun!

I’ve gotten tons of compliments on it too! 🙂


It’s Whipped – Matte Lip Mousse – Bisou – Modern Mauve

I love the color of this lip product!  It’s perfect for me!

The formula is quite a bit different from the lip products I usually use, but I still like it.

Julep was pretty excited about their new curved applicator tip.  I’m not sure that I like it though.  I find it more difficult to control the amount of product your using.  With some practice, I’m sure I’ll get used to it!

I have a really hard time with lip color actually lasting, and thankfully, this product lasts a long time for me!  Yay!


Here is the December quote and coupon!

A free polish?! Don’t mind if I do!

I’m very happy with my box this month!  The products and colors are fantastic!  I’m pretty excited about the cinnamon candy too! 🙂

Do you subscribe to Julep Maven?!

What do you think of the December box?

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Julep Maven Review & Coupon – August 2015

Hi everyone!

It’s time for my monthly Julep Maven review!


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IMG_4138Box Contents:

  • Skip the Brush – Peony Pink
  • Feels Like Velvet – Champagne & Caviar
  • Ann – Classic with a Twist
  • Penny – Classic with a Twist
  • Blush Brush
  • Metallic Tattoos
  • Coupon

IMG_4151Skip the Brush – Peony Pink

I’ve had trouble with blush sticks before (think of a clown), so I was a little leery when I saw this stick was the featured beauty product for August.

IMG_4156I haven’t had much time for experimentation in the last few days, but I have tried the blush once.

It had the opposite pigmentation effect than the last one I tried.  I couldn’t seem to get enough color on my cheeks.  I think part of the problem was that I wasn’t sure exactly how hard to press the blush into my face.

I think with a little practice I will learn to love this product!

What little color I did manage to get was very pretty.  The peony shade is a natural pink that’s perfect for me!

IMG_4147Feels Like Velvet – Champagne & Caviar – Add On

I really liked the eye shadows that I got in my May Maven box, so I picked up another this month.

IMG_4148This photo makes the shadows look a lot more orangey than they are in real life.  I experimented with different lighting and the pictures all came out the same. 🙁

In reality, the left shadow is a dusty pink and the right is a chocolate brown.  They’re very pretty and natural.  Right up my alley!

IMG_4141Ann – Classic with a Twist – Passion Punch Ghost Shimmer Crème
I love this polish color!  It’s bright and fun!

I haven’t been able to use it yet, but I can’t wait to give it a try!  It’s going to be very pretty!

Penny – Classic with a Twist – Burnished Bronze Metallic

I’ve gotten quite a few metallic polishes since subscribing to Julep last year.  They’ve all been so pretty!

I think this one might be a touch too bronze for me though.  I don’t think it’s going to look good with my skin tone, but I’ll give it a try anyway!

IMG_4144Blush Brush – Add On

I’ve been wanting this brush for several months now.  I have quite a few other Julep makeup brushes, and they are fantastic!

I would choose the month they debut a brushless blush to buy a blush brush!  Delightfully ironic!

IMG_4160Julep debuted their Brave Pretty campaign this month.

I think it’s a great campaign, but I didn’t do my part! Whoopsie!

I was supposed to fill out that little white card and share it on social media.  Maybe I’ll do it later in the month!

IMG_4164Julep sent out a little freebie this month!  Metallic temporary tattoos. Fun fun!

Julep also included their monthly coupon!

I really like my box this month!  I think the products are great, and I can’t wait to use them some more!

Do you subscribe to Julep Maven?

What do you think of the August box?!

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Ipsy Review – April 2015

Hi everyone!

It’s time for my monthly Ipsy review! IMG_9875Pretty in pink! IMG_9881I really like the makeup back this month!  It’s so colorful and fun! IMG_9883The theme for April is “Beautifully Bohemian.” IMG_9886Bag Contents:

  • MicaBeauty – Eye Primer
  • theBalm Cosmetics – NUDE Dude Eyeshadow Single
  • Mullein & Sparrow – Mini Lip & Cheek Tint
  • Gallany Cosmetics – Lipstick
  • JulieG – Nail Color

IMG_9898MicaBeauty – Eye Primer

I don’t like beauty products that require you to stick your fingers in a tub.  I know that’s kind of weird, but I don’t like digging my nails into products.

Also, products are usually difficult to get out of the tubs. This primer is no different.  I’m having a hard time getting enough product out of the tub to be able to apply it.  What I have managed to get out of the tub is very thick and hard to blend.IMG_9895theBalm Cosmetics – NUDE Dude Eyeshadow Single – Fit

I love the packaging of this eyeshadow!  It’s so unique and cute!

This eyeshadow has great pigmentation, and the bronze color is a good neutral! IMG_9902Mullein & Sparrow – Mini Lip & Cheek Tint

Another product in a tub. 🙁

This tint smells oddly of chocolate and fruit.  An interesting combination for a beauty product.

The tint is very sheer but much easier to get out of the tub than the eye primer above. IMG_9912Gallany Cosmetics – Lipstick – Petal

This lipstick has a very intense “makeup-y” smell. IMG_9908Petal is a great color for me!  It’s a very pretty, rosy pink. IMG_9905JulieG – Nail Color – Damsel

This nail polish is the perfect pink for summertime.

Since I subscribe to Julep, I told Ipsy (on my beauty quiz) that I didn’t want to receive nail polish from them.  So many people have had problems with the responses to their beauty quizzes that I figured I’d get nail polish all the time.  I’m pretty surprised that I was able to go almost a year without receiving any! IMG_9917

April was an okay month for Ipsy.  I like the bag and the eyeshadow.  The lipstick is okay, but because of the smell, I don’t think I’ll end up using it.

I’ve been pretty disappointed with Ipsy in the last few months, so I’ve decided to cancel my subscription.

I’ll continue to read other bloggers’ reviews, and if Ipsy improves, I will most likely subscribe again!

What do you think of the April bag?  Or Ipsy in general?

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Julep Maven Review & Coupon – April 2015

Hi everyone!

It’s time for my monthly Maven review!

IMG_9548If you’d like to receive pretty, purple boxes each month like I do, click here!

I was surprised to see that my April box was much smaller than usual.  I received a small box like this one only once before when I bought a small, mystery box.  Maybe Julep is trying to cut back on wasted cardboard?  Who knows!

IMG_9553Box Contents:

  • Randi – It Girl – Pink Plumeria Crème
  • Danielle – It Girl – Cerulean Wave Duochrome
  • Oxygen Bonding Base Coat
  • Light On Your Lips – Chit Chat – Sunset Rose Créme
  • Gobstoppers (Yum!)
  • Coupon

I got a little wild this month and deviated from my usual style, Classic with a Twist!

IMG_9560April features “The Paradise Collection.”  There were so many bright, fun colors to choose from this month!

IMG_9564Randi – It Girl – Pink Plumeria Crème

I absolutely love Randi!  I have it painted on my fingers AND toes right now!

It’s the perfect pink color for spring!

It seems like all the pink nail polishes I own are orangey pink.  I love that this one is more of a true pink!

Danielle – It Girl – Cerulean Wave Duochrome

I haven’t tried Danielle out yet.

It might be too bold of a color for everyday where!

I think it would be perfect for an accent nail or polka dots though!

IMG_9582Oxygen Bonding Base Coat

I don’t typically use base coats, but I tried this one out when I painted my fingernails with Randi.  It dried really quickly and so far, it’s working really well!

IMG_9567Light On Your Lips – Chit Chat – Sunset Rose Crème – ADD ON

As I mentioned last month, I love the Light On Your Lips lipstick, and I wanted to try another color.

I was super excited to see that the new lipsticks were offered as add ons this month, and I just couldn’t resist picking up another!

IMG_9570 This time, I went with Chit Chat, and I couldn’t be happier!

I absolutely love the color!  It’s perfect for everyday where!

IMG_9556Here is this month’s quote and coupon!

Free polish! So fun!

What do you think of your April Maven box?!

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Julep Maven Review & Coupon – March 2015

Hi everyone!

It’s time for my monthly Julep Maven review! IMG_8769If you’d like to receive pretty, purple boxes each month like I do, click here! IMG_8774Box Contents:

  • Light On Your Lips Lipstick – Stepping Out
  • Get In Line Invisible Lip Liner
  • Jahnavi – Classic with a Twist – Iced Chai Chrome
  • LuLu – Classic with a Twist – Wisteria Mist Soft Focus (semi-matte)
  • Smarties
  • Coupon

IMG_8775March features “The POP! Collection”

There were a lot of pretty, pastel polishes this month! IMG_8785Light On Your Lips Lipstick – Stepping Out – Carnation Pink

I love the formula of this lipstick!  It’s very smooth and creamy! IMG_8795I love the pink color of the lipstick I chose, but it’s a little too pink for everyday wear!

I might wear it when I’m feeling bold, but that doesn’t happen too often!

I like the formula so much though that I’m thinking of buying this lipstick in another color! IMG_8788Get In Line Invisible Lip Liner

I have a really hard time getting lipstick to stay on my lips, so I decided to add this product to by box this month!

I prefer my lip liners to be clear, so this one is perfect for me!

I’ve used it once so far, and I really like it!

IMG_8778Jahnavi – Classic with a Twist – Iced Chai Chrome

This light metallic polish is beautiful!  The gold is very subtle, so I think it’ll be a nice neutral!

I used it last night, and I love the effect!  It’s way more metallic than I expected!

LuLu – Wisteria Mist Soft Focus (semi-matte)

I’m excited to try out the Soft Focus finish that this polish features.  I believe the Soft Focus finish is a brand new addition to Julep’s product line!

There were three different Soft Focus polishes featured this month.  One is pale mint, the other is pale peach, and the third is the pale purple that I received.  I think I would’ve gotten more use out of one of the other colors.  I’m a little worried that this purple will be too light for my skin tone.

I haven’t tried it yet though, so when I do, I’ll report back! IMG_8789Lastly, we have our coupon and quote!

Like usual, the coupon is good for two uses and expires March 31, 2015.

I think I’m actually going to use my coupon this month and buy a different shade of the Light On You Lips Lipstick.

Did you receive the March Maven box?

What do you think of your products?! Bow signature pink

Julep Maven Review & Coupon – October 2014

Hi everyone!!

I’ve been so busy these past few weeks, and I haven’t had a chance to post any tutorials or reviews!

Do not worry, my load should be lessening, and I’ll be able to post more soon!

DSCN3322Such a pretty purple box!

Want to be a Maven like me?! Click here!!

DSCN3325The special treat for October was a little bag of candy corn! Yummy!!

Box includes:

  • Night Shift Sleeping Mask
  • Logan – Classic with a Twist – Sultry Aubergine Shimmer
  • DeAnn – Classic with a Twist – Ripe Loganberry Crème
  • Candy Corn
  • Coupon

DSCN3364October featured “The Black Magic Collection.”

The majority of the polishes this month are rather dark but still pretty.

DSCN3367Night Shift Sleeping Mask

This sleeping mask looks pretty nice, but I’m a creature of habit and a little scared to try it.

I’ve been using the same nightly skin care regimen for over five years, and I’m rather hesitant to use something new! Maybe one of these days I’ll work up the courage and give it a try!

DSCN3359Logan – Classic with a Twist – Sultry Aubergine Shimmer

I love this shimmery purple in the bottle, but I’m not sure about it on my nails!  I painted my toes with it the other day, and it looked almost black.

I’m not a fan of black nail polish on myself, so that annoyed me a little.

I’m going to try the polish on my fingernails as soon as I finish this post!  Hopefully, I’ll like it better this time!

DeAnn – Classic with a Twist – Ripe Loganberry Crème

This polish is perfect for the coming winter months!  It’s the perfect pinky red, which happens to be my favorite nail polish color!

I just painted my toes with DeAnn, and I absolutely love it!!

DSCN3370The October coupon is good for a free nail polish! How exciting!! Just like last month, it’s good for two uses!

How did you like your October Maven box? Have you tried the sleep mask yet?!

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Julep Maven Review & Coupon – August 2014

Hi everyone!

I recently got my Julep Maven box in the mail, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

A little background on a Julep Maven subscription:

  • Monthly box full of nail and beauty products
  • Completely customizable
  • Free Shipping and 20% off everything online
  • $24.99 a month or $19.99 with a 3-month subscription

Do you want to be a Julep Maven?! Click here!!

DSCN2751I love the bright purple color of the Julep boxes!! They are always so much fun to find in my mailbox!

DSCN2755I don’t usually make a big deal about the tissue paper inside of the boxes, but this month’s was so cute!!! I had to take a picture for you!

DSCN2757I got my August box for FREE, because I had so many Jules from referrals.

August box contents:

  • Two nail polishes
  • Gel eyeliner
  • Smartphone screen cleaner
  • Coupon


August features “The Wanderlust Collection.”

I’m not super impressed with this month’s color selection.  The majority of the polishes are not summer shades.  I live in Florida, so I’m still in the summer mood!


  • Avni – Classic with a Twist – African violet shimmer
  • Katie – Classic with a Twist – Orchid iridescent chrome

I’m not a huge purple person, but I like both of these colors.

I’m a little disappointed that I got two purple polishes this month.  They are two different shades of purple, but both purple nonetheless.

Also, Katie looks very similar to some other purple polishes I have received from Julep in the past.

DSCN2790This month’s beauty product is a Gel Eye Glider.  There were four colors to choose from, and I chose Rich Brown.

I haven’t tried it on my eyes yet, but it wrote very smoothly on my hand!

DSCN2774This month’s little extra is a screen cleaner that sticks to your phone.

I’m never going to stick this to my phone, but I did use it to clean my laptop screen.  It seemed to work pretty well!

DSCN2772The back of the card says that you can get free Jules if you download the Julep app!

I already had the Julep app, so I don’t think I qualified. I tried it anyway though!


Here is the August quote and a coupon!

Julep has been sending out of lot of coupons lately!!  This one is good for two uses!

I need some more Ta Da! Quick Dry Drops, so I may take advantage of the coupon this month!

If you haven’t tried the Ta Da! drops, you really should! They are amazing!!

What did you get in your Maven box this month?!

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Julep Maven Review – June 2014

Hi everyone!

I got my June Julep Maven box a few days ago, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

For those of you that don’t know, here is a little information on Julep.

Julep Maven is a monthly nail polish subscription box!

Each month, a box is mailed to your house full of fun nail and beauty products!

Become a Maven today and sign up with this link!


I got this box for FREE by using some of the Jules I’ve earned through referrals!! Super exciting, right?!

Let’s get to the box!

ImageHere she is!!


  • Two Breathable nail colors
  • Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat
  • Three Pixie Sticks
  • Coupon
  • Inspirational Quote

ImageHere’s this month’s inspirational quote.  I think it fits pretty well with the “Three Wishes” theme.


  • Ariana – Classic With a Twist – Enchanted berry iridescent chrome
  • Bergen – Classic With a Twist – Hazy blue-grey shimmer

I really like the colors that came in this month’s box, but I probably won’t be wearing them until the fall.  I think these colors are just a little too dark for the summertime.

Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat

I’m excited to try the base coat!  I haven’t used base coat in years, and it’s probably time I start using it again!

Along with a base coat, one of the Style Profile (Modern Beauty?) came with a top coat.  I REALLY wanted to try that, but I didn’t want to pay to add it on to my FREE box!  Hopefully, I’ll get the top coat in another box someday! I might just breakdown and buy it though!!

ImageThis is the second month in a row that Julep has included a coupon in the box!

I LOVE coupons, so I’m pretty excited about this!

This coupon doesn’t expire until July 31, 2014!  That gives me plenty of time to use it!

In the fine print, it says that the coupon can be used twice per customer! What a deal!!!

What did you get in your June Maven box? Did you get a different coupon code?

Let me know!


Julep Maven Review – May 2014

Hi guys!!

I just got my Julep Maven box for May, and I’m super excited about it!!

What exactly is Julep Maven?!

It is a monthly subscription service that provides you with nail polish and various beauty products!  It’s only $19.99 a month and comes with free shipping! You can get your first box for free by following this link! There are tons of perks to being a Julep Maven!  Check out all the perks here! 

I’ve been a Maven for several months now and I absolutely LOVE it!!

Let’s get to my box!

ImageThis month’s box was a little bigger than usual to accommodate the products inside.

ImageThe first thing I saw when I opened my box was a thank you note from Jane, the Julep founder.

Several months ago, Mavens were asked to help crowdfund Julep’s Plié Wand, so Jane sent along a little note and a special polish to thank the Mavens that participated!

ImageHere’s a close-up of the thank you card.

Now let’s get to the good stuff!!


As usual, I got the Classic with a Twist box!

My box came with:

  • Three polishes (Two Classic with a Twist and a bonus It Girl)
  • Plié Wand
  • Plié Wand Precision Brush
  • An extra Plié Wand compatible polish cap
  • Promo code for 2 for 1 polish

ImageThis month’s theme is Fresh Twist!  All of the polish colors are refreshing and fun!


Maddy – Classic with a Twist – Raspberry sorbet shimmer

Ramona – Classic with a Twist – Muted lavender rose crème

Both of these polishes are Breathable nail colors.

Here’s a description of what Breathable polish is:

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 4.20.59 PMHere’s my bonus (thank you) polish!


Yumi – It Girl – Pink, silver, and holographic glitter.

I’m really into glitter polishes right now, so this polish is perfect!

DSCN1875Here is the much anticipated Plié Wand!

I’m very excited about this product!  I’m not terrible at painting my own nails, but every little bit helps!

I tried out the wand last night, and it was okay.  It was a lot easier to hold in my right hand (probably because I’m right handed huh?) than my left.  I’m sure it will get much easier after I use it a few times!

DSCN1908The last item in my box was this precision tip and extra polish cap, as well as some assembly instructions.

I also purchased two add-ons this month.  I got an email saying that those were going to ship separately.  I’ll post a review of those products as soon as I get them in the mail!

All in all, I’m very pleased with this month’s box!

Did you get the May Maven box? What do you think of the Plié Wand?

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