Top 4 Bible Journaling Supplies

Last summer, I started Bible journaling and dabbling in paper crafting and fell down the rabbit hole that is scrapbooking and stamping supplies, so today I’m sharing my top 4 Bible journaling supplies! Starting or ending the day with a little quiet, crafting time does wonders for me, and I bet you’d enjoy it too! So let’s dive in and start checking “designated crafting/quiet time” off our goals list for the year.

Top 4 Bible Journaling Supplies - Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes

If you’re new to Bible journaling or looking for some crafting inspiration, check out Illustrated Faith or #IllustratedFaith on Instagram! They share a lot of fun printables (both paid and free) along with inspiration, monthly kits, and more!

Top 4 Bible Journaling Supplies

Favorite Bible Journaling and Devotional Books - Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes

1) Bible and Devotional Books

100 Days of Bible Promises

This is the first devotional book I purchased in 2019. It’s written by Shanna Noel at Illustrated Faith. Each ‘devotion’ is two pages long. The first page has a short passage with 2-3 verses and the second page includes one more verse, a short payer, and then a wide-open space for journaling. I like to journal a few of the keywords or phrases from the passages on the first page.

100 Days of Less Hustle, More Jesus

This is the devotional book I’m currently working through. As we’re in the thick of COVID-19 and social distancing, I’m finding that a lot of the messages in this book are super applicable right now, which is fantastic!

100 Days of Grace & Gratitude

I don’t own this book yet, but it’s next on my list once I finish Less Hustle, More Jesus. I’ll probably finish my current workbook in late summer/early fall, and I think Grace & Gratitude will be fantastic to work through in the fall and throughout the Christmas season.

Journal the Word Bible – KJV

This is the journaling Bible I like to work in for various non-workbook based devotions. I went with the more traditional King James Version because that’s what I grew up with and like the most! There’s a section on each page that’s blank — perfect for doodling and note-taking. One day, I’d like to get the DaySpring Illustrating Bible — this Bible has even more room for journaling!

2) Journaling Mat

Illustrated Faith also makes a journaling mat, which is a hard sheet of plastic perfect for slipping between book pages to prevent ink from bleeding. I find this tool to be especially important when journaling directly in a Bible because those pages are much thinner and more likely to bleed, tear, etc.

Favorite Lettering and Journaling Pens - Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes

3) Pens

Illustrated Faith – Precision Bible Pen

I LOVE these pens. They come in two sizes, .25 and .65, and write incredibly smoothly. Along with black, they also sell a multi-color pack of the .65 size. I have both and use them every time I’m journaling.

Zebra – Mildliner Highlighters and Brush Pens

Mildliner highlighters are fantastic for highlighting your favorite passages. They come in tons of colors and are light enough that you can perfectly read whatever is underneath.

Mildliners are available in a combo pack with the Zebra Super Fine Funwari Brush Pens as well. I picked these up several months back and love the color options and the flexibility of the nibs.

A few other favorites:

Favorite Stamps and Ink - Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes

4) Ink and Stamps

Distress Ink

I love using ink to add a little color to my devotional or Bible pages. Depending on how much ink you use, you can achieve some really light or really dark patches of color. This ink blending tool is perfect for applying ink and keeps your hands pretty clean too! I’ve found that Distress Inks are much better for blending than they are for rubber or cling stamps.

Versa Magic – Dew Drops

I also love using chalk inks like Versa Magic to add a little color to my spreads. The formula is different than the Distress Inks above. These Dew Drops are great to use with the blending tool but also work really well with cling and rubber stamps.

Illustrated Faith – Date Stamp

I like to date all of my entries, and this is the stamp I use! It revolves, so you can change the date to whatever you want between January 2016 – December 2025. There’s even a blank ’20__ ‘year option, so you can use it long after 2025 if you’d like.

Paper Crafting Die Cuts - Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes


If you have a Tuesday Morning nearby, I suggest checking there for discounted die-cuts, alphabet stickers, washi tape, and more! They even have items from Illustrated Faith itself, which I really like! They have tons of American Crafts collections from Amy Tangerine, Maggie Holmes, and more. I’ve found that Tuesday Morning is way more stocked than my local JoAnn or Michaels when it comes to fun paper crafting lines!

Top 4 Bible Journaling Supplies - Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes

I hope you find my list of top Bible journaling supplies helpful as you begin (or carry on) your journaling journey! I have a full Amazon shopping list with the above items linked and much more. Check it out!

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Easy DIY: Hand-Lettered Doormat

DIY Hand Lettered Doormat - Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes

It’s been a long while since my last crafting tutorial, so I’m very pleased to be sharing this super easy (and I mean super easy) DIY hand-lettered doormat with y’all today!

DIY Hand Lettered Doormat - Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes


  • Plain Doormat (I got mine at Target, but you can also get them on Amazon)
  • Large Paint Brush
  • Outdoor Acrylic Paint
  • Paint palette (I went the paper plate route)
DIY Hand Lettered Doormat - Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes

DIY Hand-Lettered Doormat

I knew from the get-go that I wanted my doormat to say “hello” on it. Tons of other short words would be cute too like “hey” or “hi” or “love” or anything else really!

DIY Hand Lettered Doormat - Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes

There are only a few steps to this project:

  1. Decide on your word
  2. Trace it out (if you’d like)
  3. Paint your word
  4. Go over your word with one more coat of paint
  5. Let dry
DIY Hand Lettered Doormat - Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes

After I decided on my word, I eyeballed my mat, and then started free-handing. Originally, I was going to trace out my word but then decided that it would be easier to just go for it.

If you would like to trace it out before you start, then I’d suggest using a Sharpie to do that. Write lightly and make sure that you cover your line completely with paint.

When painting your mat, keep in mind that your word doesn’t have to be made up of one fluid stroke. Mine is made up of hundreds (I don’t even think I’m exaggerating here) of tiny, short stokes back and forth.

DIY Hand Lettered Doormat - Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes

Almost done!

After you’ve painted the basic lines and shape for your word, load your brush with paint, turn it sideways (like in the photo above) and continue to paint over your lines to darken them up a bit.

It’s much easier to create a dark line with your brush turned sideways. The doormat is very rough, so by loading your brush with paint and turning it sideways, you’re able to get lots of paint down in the cracks and crevices.

DIY Hand Lettered Doormat - Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes

After darkening each letter on my mat, I stood up on a chair to create some distance from my mat. I found it so much easier to gauge the color density from far away than to gauge it from up close.

DIY Hand Lettered Doormat - Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes

Once you’re happy with the look of your hand-lettered doormat, you’re all done! My paint recommended that you let it cure for 48-72 hours. To be safe (and because I’m a little lazy), I let mine dry for over a week. It would be pretty awful to put your doormat out early and then end up tracking wet paint through your house.

It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to drying times!

I hope y’all enjoyed this super easy hand-lettered doormat tutorial! You know how much I love crafting, so I hope to be back again soon with another fun project!

Are you interested in more hand lettering fun? Check out my Top 5 Favorite Lettering Supplies.

DIY Hand Lettered Doormat - Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes

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Spring Art Prints: New Releases

Hello everyone!

I have several new releases in my printables shop that I wanted to share with you today!


I have five new prints to share!  Three of them are spring related and the other two are just fun!

New Releases:


Each print listing includes a 5×7 and 8×10 copy of the artwork.

I’m so excited about these springy prints, and I hope you all are too!


Along with these new prints, I have 13 other art prints currently available!  Head over to my shop and take a look around!

Remember when shopping in my store to use the coupon code “BlogBonus” for 15% off your purchase of $10 or more!

Happy Shopping!!

<3 Natalie


Hand Lettering: Water Brush 103

Hello everyone!

I know it’s been quite some time since I posted an article in this series.  I didn’t forget about my Water Brush series, I just switched platforms and forgot to tell you all!  I apologize for that! 🙁

Several weeks ago, I switched this series over to my Instagram Stories.  Every Wednesday, I post 5ish lettering videos of my water brush practice on my Story for my followers to enjoy!


Two weeks ago, I finished the lowercase alphabet.


Last week, I started working on numbers and will finish up numbers 5-9 on my Instagram Stories tomorrow afternoon.

Once I finish working on numbers, I’m going to move on to uppercase letters.  After that, I’ll move on to practicing full words!

Follow me on Instagram so you never miss a minute of my lettering journey!

You can follow me on Instagram @pinkbowstwinkletoes 🙂

I’ve been having a great deal of fun recording these videos and hope you all enjoy them too!

Happy Lettering!

<3 Natalie



Happy New Year Art Print: Free Download

Hello everyone!

As promised in yesterday’s post, I’m back again with another New Year’s freebie!


Today’s freebie has a gold foil look to it!  Perfect for all your glitzy and glamorous New Year’s Eve plans! 🙂

This download would be perfect for New Year’s party decor, host/hostess gifts, a planner dashboard, etc.


“Happy New Year” is displayed in a 5×7 picture frame in each of these photos.  The image is slightly smaller than 5×7 so that the border shows nicely when the image is placed in a frame.

Just like with my sticker printables, these art prints are for personal use only.  You may not re-sell, redistribute, or claim these works as your own.

When posting on the internet, please give credit to Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes.  Feel free to tag me (@pinkbowstwinkletoes) on Instagram when posting my printables!  I would love to see how you’re using them!

To download the PNG file:

  1. Click on the image above
  2. Click “view full size”
  3. Right click and save image
  4. Open saved file and print
  5. ENJOY!!

If you skip step 2 and don’t click the “view full size” button, the image will save in a much smaller format and will print incorrectly.


I hope you enjoy this printable!

Have a wonderful week and a Happy New Year!!

<3 Natalie

Hand Lettering: Water Brush 102

Hello everyone!

I’ve made a tiny bit of progress since my last water brush lettering post!


I’ve moved on from the basic strokes to some lowercase letters.

I’m using the Brush Letter Practice Guide from @randomolive.  Her guides are helping me to perfect my letter forms with the water brush!

The Brush Letter Practice Guide comes with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and more!  It’ll take me a month or two to complete the guide, but I’m excited for all my progress along the way!


I mentioned in my last post that I wanted to get a smaller water brush!  I was able to get my hands on one and made this little comparison sheet for you.

The top, blue strokes are from the new, small brush, and the lower, green strokes are from my original, medium brush.

The difference between the two is slight, but I think it’s making a big difference for me.  I much prefer the smaller brush! 🙂

Here are a few action shots for you!

For some reason, I prefer lowercase to uppercase when I’m lettering.  I don’t know why, but I do!


I practiced the first five letters of the alphabet.  I’m going to tackle the rest of the alphabet next!  Then I will move on to those pesky, capital letters! 🙂

I’ll be back soon with another water brush update!

Happy lettering! 🙂

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Hand Lettering: Water Brush 101

Hello everyone!

I have an exciting announcement to share with you all!  Those that follow me on Instagram have probably already heard, but for those who haven’t, I’m happy to share with you that I was chosen to be a brush lettering tutor on the Random Olive Tutor Team!


You can read more about the Tutor Team and the other awesome tutors by clicking here.

Olivia from Random Olive is a fantastic letterer that I discovered on Instagram many months ago.  She does a lot with watercolor and water brush lettering!  I’ve been using brush pens for over a year now and after being chosen for her Tutor Team, I have decided to give water brush lettering a try!


I’m starting my water brush lettering journey with a few basic supplies:

The Brush Letter Guide I linked above is quite large!  I only printed off the first ten pages or so to start.

I mainly focused on the basic strokes (down stroke, up stroke, and combinations of the two) during my first practice session.


I started with the basic down stroke page.

Using a water brush is completely different than using a brush pen, so while this exercise may look super easy, it’s actually a tad difficult!

As you can see, I had trouble with consistentcy! That’s something that can be fixed with practice though!


Here is some of my “U” practice.

It’ll take me a while to get used to all the moving bristles of a water brush!

Pentel makes their Aquash pens in several different sizes.  I bought a medium tip because that is all they had at Michaels.  After this first round of practice, I have decided that a small tipped brush may be easier for me and produce better lettering!

I’ve found the small brush on Amazon and will be purchasing it very soon!


In the meantime, here is a photo of my first attempt at letters.

As you can see, the medium brush (or maybe it’s just me!) makes the letters rather chunky looking!  I think with a smaller brush, I will be able to produce better letters.

I’ll be back again soon with more water brush lettering updates!  In the meantime, follow me on Instagram for more lettering fun! 🙂

Happy Lettering!

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Top 5 Favorite Hand Lettering Supplies

Hello everyone!

I figured I’d change pace this week and write a post about hand lettering!  I’ve been lettering for a little over a year now, and I’ve learned a lot and developed a few favorites along the way!

So today I’m sharing with you my all-time favorite lettering supplies!

  1. Brush Pens!  Below is a breakdown of all the brush pens I own!


Tombow Dual Brush Pens

I’ve tried MANY different brush pens over the last year, and Tombows are the best!  As you can see, I have quite a few of them! Seventy-four to be exact!  I have a few duplicates though.

I’ve gotten the majority of these online, either from Amazon or Jo-Ann Fabrics.  Unfortunately, no one in my area sells these markers, so I’ve had to buy all but four of them online.


Here’s an example of my lettering with the Tombow Dual Brush Pens.  Tombows have the largest brush tip out of all of my brush pens (see below), so I always use them for my larger works.


To make up for the fact that I can’t buy Tombows in person, I buy every other brush pen I come across!


Marvy Uchida makes my second favorite brush pen.  These are the ColorIn Brush Marker.

I purchased these at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby.  I have also seen some for sale at Jo-Ann Fabrics.  For some reason, I am unable to find them online at any of those stores.  However, I was able to find them on


Here’s some of my lettering with the Marvy markers. The tips on these markers is a little bit smaller than the Tombow markers.  I like to use them when writing small, more compact words and phrases.


Crayola markers are also great for lettering!  They don’t have a brush tip like the pens above, but the broad tip does create a brush-like effect when used correctly.


My work with the Crayola markers.

When shopping for Crayola markers, I decided to buy the Pip-Squeaks because that pack had the most color variation of all the markers that Jo-Ann had in stock.

My only complaint about the Pip-Squeaks is that they are a little too small for my hands! I should have expected that when I bought them, but I didn’t realize the pressure from my writing would snap the cap off the back of the marker almost every time I go to use them! That’ll teach me to be a little more gentle!

I’ve seen lots of great work with the Super Tips, so I think I’ll end up purchasing and trying those next!


Here are a few other pens I’ve tried.  I really like the markers on the left side of this image, but I don’t really care for the types on the right.

Starting in the bottom left-hand corner and then going clock-wise:

  • Tombow Fudenosuke: These are my favorite markers for really small work. They come in both a hard nib and a soft nib. I’ve tried both nibs and have determined that I like the hard nib the best! I have more control and make smoother lines with the hard nibbed pen.
  • Hampton Art Studio G Marker: These are the best metallic brush pens I’ve found so far!  They are very pigmented and smooth! I bought mine at Michaels for less than $1 with a coupon.  What a deal!!
  • Copic Markers: These are the most expensive brush pens I’ve ever purchased, and they are also my least favorite.  They have a brush tip, but I believe they’re better suited for coloring in illustrations than lettering.
  • Pigma Brush by Sakura: These markers aren’t bad.  I just prefer my other ones!


Here’s some smaller writing with a Marvy pen and Tombow Fudenosuke.

   2. Rhodia Paper Pads


Over the past year, I’ve tried several different types of paper for my lettering.  I’ve tried all different kinds of sketch pads and notebooks papers.

The best paper I’ve come across is the Rhodia pad.  I have both dotted pads and blank ones in various sizes.

For those of you that follow me on Instagram, you may have seen little, tiny dots on my lettering pages.  The dots are more subtle than lines, and help me space my lettering and such.  Right now, I prefer the dotted pages to the blank ones.  That may change in the future though!

The easiest place for me to buy these notebooks is on Amazon.


3. A sharp pencil is always nice to have.  Some people like to write their words in pencil first and then trace over them.  I’m more of the wing-it type, so I mainly use my pencil for drawing straight lines!

4. An eraser is also good to have on hand.  I like white erasers because then you don’t have to worry about any dyes transferring to your paper.  I believe I got this PaperMate eraser at Staples or maybe Target.

5. A lettering challenge is a must for when you run out of things to write!  After a few weeks, you may run out of new things to write.  This is when a monthly, lettering challenge is ideal!

A monthly, lettering challenge is just what it sounds like.  Every day of the month there is a new word or phrase for you to practice writing.

I’ve been participating in a lettering challenge with @randomolive for three months now.  You may have been wondering why a lot of the examples above are apples names. That’s because apples were the theme of the September challenge with @randomolive.

You can search hashtags like #brushletterpracticechallenge, #letteringchallenge, #brushletterchallenge, etc. to find other challenges and letterers to follow!


Along with @randomolive, I also enjoy following @amandaarneill and @piecescalligraphy on Instagram.

I discovered @amandaarneill on Instagram last summer and that’s where my lettering journey started.  I spent hours watching her 15 second lettering videos over and over again while I waited for my Tombow Dual Brush Pens to come in the mail! 🙂

This month’s challenge with @randomolive involves Halloween candy!  Be sure to follow me on Instagram (@pinkbowstwinkletoes) to see what I do with this month’s challenge and theme! 🙂

Happy Lettering!

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Happy Hedgehog Planner Stickers: Free Printable

Hi everyone!

It’s time for my weekly printable release!


I had so much fun with my hand lettering in last week’s printable that I decided to try it again this week!

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 3.12.30 PM

Here’s a better look at the printable!

I originally drew the hedgehog featured in this printable for a friend of mine.  After digitizing my lettering last week, I decided to try digitizing the hedgehog too!

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 6.38.41 PM

I absolutely LOVE how my hedgehogs turned out!  They’re just too cute!! 🙂

Before I give you the file, there are a few things I’d like to say.  I spent a lot of time designing and creating this printable, so please be kind when you use it.

  • Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes printables are for personal use only
  • You may not re-sell, redistribute, or claim this work as your own
  • If you post this on the internet, please give the credit to Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes and link it back to my blog (

Enough of the heavy stuff! Now it’s time for the stickers!

You can download the sticker file here, PBTT Happy Hedgehog Sticker Sheet.

Be sure to tag me in any and all Instagram posts featuring my stickers and your planner! (@pinkbowstwinkletoes and #pinkbowstwinkletoes)  I would love to see what you do with them! :)

For printing and cutting tips, check out my previous printable post.

Happy Planning!

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Doodle Script Planner Stickers: Free Printable

Hi everyone!

It’s time for my weekly sticker printable release!


I decided to include some of my own hand lettering in this week’s printable!  All of the words on this sheet are written and then digitized by me!  I absolutely love how it all turned out!

I also love the springy pastel colors!  They should coordinate quite nicely with the Spring Fling printable that I released a few weeks ago!

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 4.02.12 PM

Here’s a better look at the printable!

Before I give you the file, there are a few things I’d like to say.  I spent a lot of time designing and creating this printable, so please be kind when you use it.

  • Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes printables are for personal use only
  • You may not re-sell, redistribute, or claim this work as your own
  • If you post this on the internet, please give the credit to Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes and link it back to my blog (

Enough of the heavy stuff! Now it’s time for the stickers!

You can download the sticker file here, PBTT Doodle Script Sticker Sheet.

Be sure to tag me in any and all Instagram posts featuring my stickers and your planner! (@pinkbowstwinkletoes and #pinkbowstwinkletoes)  I would love to see what you do with them! 🙂

For printing and cutting tips, check out my previous printable post.

Happy Planning!

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