DIY Shabby Chic Hanging Chalkboard Tutorial

Hi everyone!

I’m sure some of you are getting tired of my embroidery tutorials, so I have something else to share with you today!


  • Wooden plaque (I got mine at Jo-Ann Fabrics)
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Burlap ribbon
  • Paintbrush
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Staple gun
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scotch tape

IMG_0483Start by painting your plaque.

While the paint is drying, we’re going to move on to making the bow.

IMG_0484Without cutting your ribbon, make a loop.

Be sure to leave a long tail.  The tail will be used to connect the bow to the chalkboard.

IMG_0488Here’s a closeup of the first loop.

IMG_0492Now, add a second loop.

IMG_0496Add a third loop.

IMG_0500Add a fourth loop.

All of the loops should intersect, and the finished product should look like this.

IMG_0502With your needle and thread, stitch all the loops together.

I like to use two stitches and make a little x/+.

You can cut the ribbon now.  Just make sure you leave long tails.

IMG_0505Now take your thread and loop in between the top two loops.

IMG_0512Pull the thread taut to bunch up the ribbon and bring the top loops closer to the center of the bow.

IMG_0515Do the same for the bottom half of the bow.

IMG_0517Pull taut.

IMG_0521Wrap the thread around the bow and stitch through the center a couple of times before tying and cutting off the thread.

IMG_0524Set the bow portion aside.

Cut a 3 or 4 inch piece of ribbon from your spool.

IMG_0527Fold the ribbon in thirds and hot glue together.

I like to only glue a tiny bit of the end portions so that the ribbon doesn’t become stiff in the middle.

IMG_0529Turn your bow upside down (the back should be facing you) and glue one end of the little ribbon in the center.

Have the top side of the little ribbon facing you and glue the bottom side (the side with the seam) down.

IMG_0533Wrap the ribbon around the center of the bow.

IMG_0534Pull taut then glue down.

Once the glue has dried, you can cut the excess ribbon off.

IMG_0539Turn your bow over, and this is what it should look like!

So cute!

My ribbon was wired, so I was able to “fluff” the loops and arrange them how I wanted.

IMG_0541Back to the wooden plaque.

I’m a weirdo about chalkboard paint, so I gave my plaque at least seven coats of paint!

The bottle says you only need two, but I like to cover all my bases!

IMG_0551Once your plaque has dried, turn it over and place your bow upside down on top of the plaque.

IMG_0552Adjust your tails until you have them even and right where you want them.

Once they are in the correct place, use a little scotch tape to tack them down.

IMG_0557Use the staple gun to attach the ribbon to the plaque.

IMG_0559Once the staples are in place, you can cut the excess ribbon.

IMG_0563Turn your plaque over and it’s all ready to use!

IMG_0565I put mine on the back of my front door for reminders and little notes!

I didn’t want the chalkboard banging around when the door opened and closed, so I actually hung it with command strips and used little tiny hook to hold up the bow.

IMG_0567I couldn’t be happier with the way this turned out!

It perfectly matches my shabby chic apartment decor!

IMG_0572Happy Crafting!

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Another Hydrangea Painting!

Hi everyone!

I loved my first hydrangea painting so much that I decided to make another one!

DSCN2335I won’t bore you by repeating the same instructions as before!!

For my original tutorial on painting hydrangeas, follow this link.

DSCN2388Martha Stewart Crafts Acrylic Paint

  • Poodle Skirt
  • Bubblegum
  • Wild Salmon
  • Green Curry
  • Scottish Highlands

Here are some pictures for you to follow!

Pink:Orange Hydrangeas 1.1 Pink:Orange Hydrangeas 2.2I really love my color choices and how these turned out!

If you have any questions or troubling locating my original tutorial, feel free to leave a comment!

Happy Crafting!!

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Easy Hydrangea Painting!

Happy first day of summer!!!

I stumbled upon a hydrangea painting tutorial the other day and decided to give it a try!!

ImageHere’s my finished product!! I’m very happy about how it turned out, especially since this is the first time I’ve ever painted something like this!

Would you like to make one too?!


  • Burlap Canvas (available at Michaels)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Pencil

ImageThese are the Martha Stewart Crafts paint colors that I chose to use.

  • Greek Tile
  • Blue Calico
  • Wedding Cake
  • Pesto
  • Green Curry

No matter what colors you decide to use, I recommend two coordinating shades of green and then two coordinating shades of another color or colors.

ImageThese are the paint brushes I used.  I recommend a large and small flat, square brush, a small rounded, flat brush, and a tiny, pointed brush for making dots.

The actual brush sizes will vary depending on how large you want your hydrangeas to be.

Let’s get started!!

The first thing you want to do is lay out your canvas and draw large circles where you want your hydrangeas to be.

ImageNext, use the lighter shade of green and paint leaves around the circles.

I used the small, flat square brush to paint the leave’s base coat.

This part doesn’t have to be perfect.  We will be going over the leaves with more paint in the next step.

ImageNow, we’re going to double load our paintbrush to add depth to our leaves.

Dip one side of you paintbrush in the lighter green and one side in the dark.


After double loading the paintbrush, start on one side of the leaf and drag your paintbrush to a point.  The burlap creates some resistance, so this can be a little difficult!  Once you’ve painted one half of the leaf, do the same thing on the other half.

Here’s a video that explains how to make the leaves!  It looks a lot easier to do in the video! Just be patient and you’ll be able to make it work!

ImageAs you can see, not all my leaves are perfect! Oh well!!

Next, we’re going to start our flowers!!

ImageTake both your light and dark blue and paint a base layer.

ImageI painted the tops light blue, the bottoms dark blue, and the middle is a mixture of the two.

Now comes the fun part!!

ImageYou’re going to take your rounded, flat brush and paint little five petal flowers all over the place.

Think of the flower as a little man.  Paint a head, two arms, and two legs.  The first few might look rough but after you paint a few you’ll become a master!!

Alternate painting with the light and dark blue.  Don’t clean off your brush in between the colors, this allows them to mix and create a different shade of blue.

ImageWhen you’re almost done, but still have a few empty spots, start painting three of four petal flowers to fill gaps.  You can also randomly add single petals to fill up any additional spaces.

ImageAll of our flowers have been painted! Now, it’s time to paint the flower centers!

ImageTake your small, pointy brush and use white (or any other color you’d like) and paint little dots in the center of each flower.

This step was tricky for me, because I couldn’t tell where the center of some of the flowers were!  If you’re struggling like I was, just randomly place the dots!  No one has to know that you guessed!

Once your centers are painted, you’re done!!

ImageVoilà!! You now have a bright and fun hydrangea painting!!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial!