A Few Things Friday!

Happy Friday!! It's been quite a while since I've done a Friday post!  My randomly busy summer schedule has been getting in the way of my blog writing! Luckily, my summer schoolwork will be ending soon, so I can get back to posting! I was looking on Pinterest the other day when I stumbled upon … Continue reading A Few Things Friday!

A Few Things Friday – Bows!!

Happy Friday everyone! I absolutely LOOOOOOOOVE bows!! (Thus the name of my blog!) I don't want to bore you with a bunch of random bow nonsense, so I'll keep this short! I didn't really get into bows until my freshman year of college.  One day I decided to make one, and I haven't stopped making … Continue reading A Few Things Friday – Bows!!

A Few Things Friday

Hi everyone!! I've decided to start a weekly post called "A Few Things Friday."  In these posts, I will be sharing different things I've discovered during the previous week. I LOVE Pinterest, so a lot of things I post about will come from there. Posts will range from craft projects, to beauty inspiration, to yummy … Continue reading A Few Things Friday