Ipsy Review – October 2014

Hi everyone!

It’s time for my monthly Ipsy review!

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DSCN3384I was rather disappointed in Ipsy this month.  There were very few brands that I’d even heard of being offered for October.

One of my favorite things to do is stalk Facebook at the beginning of the month to see the sneak peeks.  All of the sneak peeks for October made me sad.

I’m also not a huge fan of the makeup bag this month.  I like the color, but the material is very cheap.


  • Épicé International – Purifying Exfoliant
  • Figs & Rouge – Hand Cream
  • Jesse’s Girl – Mineralized Baked Shadow Powder
  • Starlooks – Lip Gloss
  • ECRU New York – Acacia Protein BB Cream – Beauty Balm for Hair

DSCN3388The October theme is “Beauty Candy.”  I’m not sure what classified these products as candy though.

DSCN3390Épicé International – Purifying Exfoliant

I’m a very loyal product user and I already have a daily exfoliant.  I probably won’t be trying this product.  I will see if one of my friends want it though!

DSCN3407Figs & Rouge – Hand Cream – Mango Mandarin

I absolutely love this colorful packaging!  It’s so fun and pretty!

The Mango Mandarin scent is okay.  The smell is very familiar, but I just can’t place it!

Out of the five products I received this month, this hand cream is my favorite.

DSCN3397Jesse’s Girl – Mineralized Baked Shadow Powder – Graphite Frost

I love eyeshadow, but I am not a huge fan of this color.

I prefer golds and browns and this one is a silvery gray.  It’s a step up from the purple shadow I got last month though!

DSCN3405Starlooks – Lip Gloss – Guilty Pleasure

This gloss reminds me of the NYX Butter Gloss I received in my first Ipsy bag over the summer.  Except the NYX gloss was larger and I liked it better.

DSCN3413ECRU New York – Acacia Protein BB Cream – Beauty Balm for Hair

Before getting this product, I didn’t realize that there was such a things as BB cream for hair.

The box says it’s a styling lotion.  I don’t ever do anything with my hair, so I don’t think I’ll be getting much use out of this product either.

DSCN3418All in all, I’m pretty disappointed with my October Ipsy bag.

I’ve seen a promising sneak peek for November, so let’s hope that pans out!

How did you like your October Ipsy?!

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Julep Maven Review & Coupon – October 2014

Hi everyone!!

I’ve been so busy these past few weeks, and I haven’t had a chance to post any tutorials or reviews!

Do not worry, my load should be lessening, and I’ll be able to post more soon!

DSCN3322Such a pretty purple box!

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DSCN3325The special treat for October was a little bag of candy corn! Yummy!!

Box includes:

  • Night Shift Sleeping Mask
  • Logan – Classic with a Twist – Sultry Aubergine Shimmer
  • DeAnn – Classic with a Twist – Ripe Loganberry Crème
  • Candy Corn
  • Coupon

DSCN3364October featured “The Black Magic Collection.”

The majority of the polishes this month are rather dark but still pretty.

DSCN3367Night Shift Sleeping Mask

This sleeping mask looks pretty nice, but I’m a creature of habit and a little scared to try it.

I’ve been using the same nightly skin care regimen for over five years, and I’m rather hesitant to use something new! Maybe one of these days I’ll work up the courage and give it a try!

DSCN3359Logan – Classic with a Twist – Sultry Aubergine Shimmer

I love this shimmery purple in the bottle, but I’m not sure about it on my nails!  I painted my toes with it the other day, and it looked almost black.

I’m not a fan of black nail polish on myself, so that annoyed me a little.

I’m going to try the polish on my fingernails as soon as I finish this post!  Hopefully, I’ll like it better this time!

DeAnn – Classic with a Twist – Ripe Loganberry Crème

This polish is perfect for the coming winter months!  It’s the perfect pinky red, which happens to be my favorite nail polish color!

I just painted my toes with DeAnn, and I absolutely love it!!

DSCN3370The October coupon is good for a free nail polish! How exciting!! Just like last month, it’s good for two uses!

How did you like your October Maven box? Have you tried the sleep mask yet?!

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