Julep Maven, Cupid’s Mystery Box – Venus, Mani Lover

Hi all!!

I recently received my Cupid’s Mystery Box from Julep Maven!! I picked the Venus, Mani Lover box, and I’m very pleased with what I received!

Before I review the box, I’d like to give a little background on Julep Maven.  Julep is a beauty brand that focuses primarily on nail polish. A little while ago, they began a subscription box service.  A Julep Maven subscription costs $19.99 a month and comes with many great features.

Features include:

  • Free shipping
  • 20% off on all orders (not including your monthly box)
  • Five style profiles to choose from
  • The ability to send your box to a friend
  • The ability to skip a month if you don’t like what they are featuring
  • Reward points that transfer to free boxes and other items (I have quite a few reward points!!!)
  • And much, much more!

If you would like to subscribe, you can do so HERE. Your first box is FREE; you only have to pay for shipping (it’s only $3.99!)

Now let’s get to the review!

Cupid’s Mystery Box is a little different than the regular February Maven box.  Cupid’s Mystery box was more expensive ($24.99) but it came with more products than the regular monthly box! My mystery box came with $75 worth of product compared to the typical box that comes with $40 worth of product.

There were three different boxes to choose from: Venus – Mani Lover,  Aphrodite- Pedi Lover, and  Lindy- Makeup Lover. Each box featured a different pink polish.  I actually liked the polishes shown for the other two boxes way more than the polish that my box featured. I decided to get the Mani Lover box, because I figured I’d get more use out of manicure products than I would pedicure or makeup products.

Now onto the review!!


Here is my box! And my polka dot bed spread!!

Opening time!!


Contents include:

  • Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum
  • Rock Star Hand Crème
  • Freedom Polymer Top Coat
  • Nail file
  • Four Nail Polishes: Bette, Venus, America, and Madison

Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum (2.5 mL)

I received the serum originally in my intro box, so I’m not too thrilled to get it again.  I’ve used the serum a few times, but I haven’t seen much of a difference.  That may just be me though.  I don’t really pay attention to my cuticles, so I don’t care too much about treatments for them.  This may be a fantastic product but to me it’s pretty much useless.

Rock Star Hand Crème (1 oz)

I’ve used the crème once so far.  Well, technically, my friend used it.  We were trying to figure out how to open it when some squeezed out onto her hands. The cap doesn’t come off when you twist it; a tiny little hole opens up for the lotion to come out of.  I liked the way it smelled, and I’m pretty sure my friend liked how if felt on her hands.  One complaint I have is the weird way it opened! Luckily we weren’t squeezing the tube too hard, or it would have made a huge mess!

Freedom Polymer Top Coat (8 mL)

I am super duper excited about this product!  I’ve been wanting it for a while and was very pleased when it showed up in my mystery box!  I was planning on buying it if I didn’t receive it in this box.  I haven’t used it yet, but I will as soon as I get a chance! The instructions say to cure your nails under a 60-watt bulb.  I’m wondering if it works the same under compact fluorescent bulbs?  Those are the only light bulbs I have, so I hope it works!



From left to right we have

Bette: Electric neon purple crème

Venus: Pink quartz holographic chunky glitter

America: Red, silver, and blue glitter

Madison: Electric neon coral crème (Julep claims Madison is a neon pink polish, but I’ve used it and it’s definitely coral.)

I don’t have any pictures of my nails with these polishes on them, but I do have one recommendation.  Paint your nails with Bette and then paint Venus over top on one of your nails! It’s a great look and lots of fun!  I had mine painted like this earlier in the week, and I got quite a few compliments!

I loved all the polishes that came in my mystery box! I’m also quite pleased with the other products I received!

The preview window for the March box closed the other day, so I should be receiving that one soon!  I’ll be sure to post a review shortly after receiving it!

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My First Post!

Hi! My name is Natalie and I’m a sophomore Advertising major at the University of Florida. Go Gators!

I LOVE to craft, so my blog will focus on all the crafts I have made and all the crafts I want to make.

My friends are always asking me for crafting advice, so I thought blogging about my experiences would be fun!

As you might have guessed, I love bows!! I started making bows in my dorm last year and I haven’t stopped since.  I make them for everything! You name an event and I’ve probably made a bow for it!


These are some of my favorite bows! My favorite bow at the moment is the white, lacy one in the center. (I’m wearing it right now!)

I will also be posting pictures of my crafts in use.  I make bows and other crafts/costumes for different social events I attend with my sorority, so I will be posting pictures of those to show how I use my crafts and how you might want to use yours!


My blog will also feature reviews on the subscription box I receive, Julep Maven.


I’m expecting a box in the mail soon, so a review will be posted shortly after I receive it!

I’ve had a lot of fun writing this first post, and I can’t wait to write more!

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