POPSUGAR Must Have Review: October 2016

Hello everyone!

It’s POPSUGAR Must Have review time!  Are you excited to see what I got?!


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Box Contents:

  • Henri Bendel – Packable Umbrella
  • Lalicious – Brown Sugar Vanilla Shower Oil and Bubble Bath
  • My Cup of Cocoa – Dark Drinking Chocolate
  • Morning Culture – Rise & Shine Diner Mug
  • Makeup Eraser – The Makeup Eraser Mini!
  • Power Your Happy by Lisa Sugar
  • Revlon – ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen


Henri Bendel – Packable Umbrella – Retail Value $58

I was so excited when I saw POPSUGAR’s sneak peek of this item earlier in the month! I received an umbrella from POPSUGAR last year and absolutely love it!  It’s my go-to umbrella on rainy days!  I’m sure I’ll be getting a lot of use out of this umbrella too!

I love the chocolate brown and white stripes with the raspberry accents.  So pretty!


Lalicious – Brown Sugar Vanilla Shower Oil and Bubble Bath – Retail Value $28

I always enjoy receiving body wash in my subscription boxes.  I’ve gotten so many in the past that it’ll be a while before I have to go out and buy any myself!

My only complaint about this product is the scent.  I know vanilla is a standard scent that the majority of people enjoy, however, I am not one of them.  I’ll most likely end up giving this product to a friend who will enjoy it more than me.


My Cup of Cocoa – Dark Drinking Chocolate – Retail Value $4.99

As you know, I always look forward to the edible item that POPSUGAR includes every month.  This drinking chocolate did not disappoint!

The chocolate powder mixes with milk to create a deliciously creamy treat! 🙂


Morning Culture – Rise & Shine Diner Mug – Retail Value $16

These days I’m a huge fan of mugs and trinket dishes to hold all of my pens and planner supplies!

I’m sure I’ll drink something (perhaps the drinking chocolate?) out of this mug at some point, but right now, it’s sitting on my dresser holding several pairs of scissors!


Makeup Eraser – The Makeup Eraser Mini! – Retail Value $12

A good friend of mine has a Makeup Eraser and absolutely loves it!  After her rave reviews, I was very excited to give this little guy a try.

I’ve used it a few times now, and it’s been working really well.  The cloth is very soft and more gentle on my skin than the typical makeup remover wipe!


Power Your Happy by Lisa Sugar – Retail Value $25

Motivational books aren’t typically my style, but I’m enjoying this one so far!

I’m going to keep Power Your Happy by my bedside and read a little bit each night.  I’m sure I’ll be finished with it in no time!


Revlon – ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen – Retail Value $8.99

If you’ve read my last couple of subscription box review posts, you know by now that eyeliner and I aren’t the best of friends.  This is another product that I’ll be giving away to a better home!

One neat thing I’ll mention about the eyeliner is that its felt tip is designed in a way that provides you with three different line thicknesses.  You can see a little sample of the thicknesses on the packaging above. If I was an eyeliner user, I think I’d find that feature pretty handy!


The total retail value for the October box is $152.98.  That’s not too shabby!

I’m very pleased with five of the seven items included this month! And I’m sure my friends will be very pleased by the two items that I’ve chosen to give away!

Do you subscribe to POPSUGAR Must Have?!

What do you think of the October box?

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POPSUGAR Must Have Review – July 2015

Hi everyone!

It’s time for my monthly POPSUGAR Must Have subscription box review!

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IMG_3496Box Contents:

  • Henri Bendel – Signature Stripe Canvas Dopp Kit
  • Supergoop! – Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50
  • Sorial – Card Case
  • PopDental – Portable Toothbrush
  • Yes To – Blueberries Cleansing Facial Wipes
  • The Good Bean – Fruit & No-Nut Bar
  • Hallmark – Signature Greeting Cards

IMG_3517Henri Bendel – Signature Stripe Canvas Dopp Kit – Retail Value $28

I absolutely love this makeup bag!  It’s so cute and super functional!

IMG_3520I love that it opens and stays open.  So handy!

It’s also a great size.  Not too big and not too small!

I also love coupons! 🙂

IMG_3503Supergoop! – Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50 – Retail Value $28

I received a travel size of this same setting mist in my Allure Beauty Box this month.  I love the spray, so I’m completely okay with the double!  I especially don’t mind that this is the full size!

I just ran out of setting spray, so this mist couldn’t have come at a better time!  The mist is really fine and smells great!

I especially love that this setting mist has SPF in it!  That’s great for my fair skin!

IMG_3512Sorial – Card Case – Retail Value $28

This card case is so cute!  It’ll be perfect to slip into all my small handbags!  I currently wrap my ID and debit card in a hair tie when I go out.  This card case will allow me to eliminate that semi-ghetto practice! 🙂

Another coupon! YAY!!

IMG_3505PopDental – Portable Toothbrush – Retail Value $19.99

This toothbrush is so cute! It’ll be perfect for traveling!  I typically leave my electric toothbrush at home when I go on trips and travel with a manual.  Now I won’t have to!

IMG_3513Yes To – Blueberries Cleansing Facial Wipes – Retail Value $5.99

I’ve tried lots of facial wipes in the last few years. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find any that don’t irritate my face.  These ones are no different.  After using them, by face burned a little. 🙁

The packaging is so cute and the scent is so familiar.  I can’t quite place it though!

I’m going to see if any of my friends can use these.

IMG_3509The Good Bean – Fruit & No-Nut Bar – Chocolate Berry – Retail Value $1.99

I was crazy hungry when I got my box from the mail, so right after I took a picture, I devoured this bar!

I think I would’ve preferred the bar if there would’ve been some nuts or something in it.  The bar just tasted too much like cardboard. 🙁

IMG_3524Special Extra – Hallmark – Signature Greeting Cards – Retail Value $4.99, $4.99, and $5.99

You can never have to many greeting cards!  These were a great addition to the box!

IMG_3528Each box came with a different assortment of cards.

I got a wedding card, a birthday card, and a blank card.

My brother is getting married soon, so perhaps he and his wife will get the wedding card! 😉

IMG_3501Aside from the facial wipes and the fruit bar, I’m very pleased with this month’s box!

The total retail value is $127.94!  That’s not too shabby!

Do you subscribe to POPSUGAR?

What do you think of the July box?!

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