DIY Hand Embroidery Motif – Personalized Floral Wreath

Hi everyone!

I have a fun, personalized project to share with you today!


  • Embroidery hoop
  • Embroidery floss
  • Fabric (mine is from Hobby Lobby)
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

IMG_3778DMC Floss Colors:

  • 4230 – variegated blue
  • E415 – metallic silver

We’re going to start the project by printing off the letter of your choice is a festive font!  I chose “N” for Natalie, typed it up, and printed it out.

I used the Onyx typeface, which I believe came standard on my computer.

Once you print out your letter, trace it onto your fabric.

IMG_3781We’re going to start by using the satin stitch for the serifed areas.

As I’m sure you’ve figured out, I never do the satin stitch.  Because I never use the satin stitch, I’m not very good at it!  So this project is practice for me!

IMG_3784Use a larger than normal back stitch for the straight lines.

IMG_3786Do the same for the other side of the letter.

IMG_3792Now comes the fun part!

We’re going to satin stitch the entire center portion of the letter.

IMG_3803This is where you really get the see the variations in the thread!

IMG_3806Keep going until you reach the bottom!

I’m actually rather pleased with how my satin stitch looks!  I know its just straight lines, but I’m still impressed with myself! 🙂

IMG_3808To make the edges look cleaner, we’re going to add a few of the large back stitches around the edge of the satin stitch.

IMG_3812Add it to the other side as well.  I also added a stitch across the bottom just to clean it up a bit.

IMG_3867Now we’re going to use our silver thread to stitch a wreath around the outside of the letter.

Use the feather stitch for this portion and alternate the side that the “feather” falls on.

IMG_3870I didn’t realize until after I’d stitched around the entire hoop that I had the wrong number of feathers.  The first and last one ended up being on the same side! Oh no!!

IMG_3875To fix that problem, I went back with the straight stitch and added a second feather.

IMG_3876Much better!

IMG_3881Now we can add some French knot flowers.

I triple wrapped all of these French knots.

IMG_3889So pretty!  I love the color variations!

IMG_3894Once the knots are complete, our project is done!

IMG_3907I had a few setbacks with this project, but I love the way it turned out!  The silver thread really brings out the little silver spots in my fabric!

Happy Crafting!!

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DIY Hand Embroidery Quote – Aspire To Be

Hi everyone!

I have another embroidery phrase to share! IMG_1725Supplies:

  • Embroidery hoop
  • Embroidery floss
  • Fabric (mine is from Hobby Lobby)
  • Printed phrase
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Needle

IMG_1728 DMC Floss Colors:

  • 823 – navy
  • E3821 – metallic gold (optional)

We’re going to start by printing out a phrase.

I chose “Aspire To Be” because it’s short, cute, and something we say in my sorority (Kappa Kappa Gamma).

Because my quote is somewhat inspirational, I chose a script font that fit well with the phrase. IMG_1733Use your pencil to trace your phrase onto your fabric. IMG_1736We’re going to start by double Back Stitching the body of the “A” and single Back Stitching the little connector.

By “Double Back Stitching” I simply mean two rows of the Back Stitch right next to each other.

I double up my Back Stitch when I want to make my lines thicker. IMG_1740 IMG_1749 IMG_1751Continue to Back Stitch “aspire” until you reach the end.

Remember to only double stitch the main portion of each letter and single stitch the connectors.

Use a French Knot to dot the “I” IMG_1755 IMG_1760Use the single and double Back Stitch method for the last two words as well.

Once, “to be” is done, our project is complete!!

If you want to add a little more pizzazz, you can use the gold thread to Whip Stitch around the letters.  Just like we did in our “Eat cake” project.

IMG_1782I love how classic this project looks!

There’s nothing wrong with simplicity!

Happy Crafting and Aspire To Be (KKG)!! Bow signature pink

DIY Hand Embroidery Motif – Penelope the Peacock

Hi everyone!

It’s time for another embroidery tutorial!

This time we’ll be making a cute, little peacock named Penelope!! IMG_8043Supplies:

  • Doodle Stitching Embroidery & Beyond by Aimee Ray (Get it here!)
  • Embroidery hoop
  • Needle
  • Embroidery floss
  • Fabric (I used muslin)

IMG_8045DMC Floss Colors:

  • 964
  • 958
  • 991
  • 3840
  • 3839
  • 3838
  • 791
Design courtesy of Doodle Stitching

Doodle Stitching has two different patterns for the peacock.

Design courtesy of Doodle Stitching

I took inspiration from both designs and created something all my own!

You can follow the original designs, or you can get creative and try something new!

IMG_7673We’ll start by using the Back Stitch to create Penelope’s body.

IMG_7678I chose to make her body dark blue like the book did.

IMG_7680Continue using the Back Stitch to make the little arch that forms her eye.

IMG_7683Now, we start stitching the feathers!

IMG_7690I used dark teal floss for the first three feathers.

IMG_7694I chose to make my first few feathers as close to the book as possible.

IMG_7697Continuing with the Back Stitch, add another, larger feather in any color you’d like!

IMG_7700Once the larger feather is completed, we can start adding a few accents!

IMG_7703Start by adding a light mint circle.

IMG_7707Then, add a few Lazy Daisy stitches.

Begin stitching another larger feather.

IMG_7709This feather ended up more square than I would’ve liked, but I decided to roll with it.

IMG_7712Now, we’re going to add some medium mint stripes.

IMG_7717Finish off the stripes and add another feather down below.

IMG_7718Add feathers all over until you are satisfied with Penelope’s plumage!

IMG_7721Try to mix up your thread colors and keep Penelope balanced.

IMG_7726Add some fun feather details!

IMG_7728Double wrap your needle for these French Knots!

IMG_7733More feathers!

I’m not sure why I stitched two of the same colored feathers right next to each other, but I did!  It all ends up working out in the end though!

IMG_7740Another feather!

IMG_7743There’s a learning curve to stitching the feather shapes.  If you’re having trouble, don’t worry!  It gets easier as you go along!

IMG_7745I decided to add a swirly thing!

IMG_7749Now, we add a circle to it!

IMG_7751And another circle!

IMG_7756My swirly thing somehow evolved into a leaf/feather combo!

IMG_7758Finish the leaf/feather and add another circle (down below) as an accent.

IMG_7760Now, we try and succeed in stitching a swirly!

IMG_7764Add a ball for fun!

IMG_7765I couldn’t decide what kind of accent to add to the big feather, so I went with an oval shape.

The easiest way to make an oval is to stitch two parallel lines, and then, create the rounded edge by connecting the lines.

IMG_7767More double wrapped French Knots!

IMG_7771Add a diamond-like shape and another French Knot to the bottom feather.

IMG_7774Stitch a smaller version of the top left feather inside of itself.

Then, stitch around the inside of the feather next to it with a different floss color.

IMG_7773Here’s a close-up!  Sorry it’s a little blurry!

IMG_7780Add a third color to that feather!

You can keep going until you fill the feather completely if you’d like!  It could be really cute!

IMG_7785Now, it’s time for the head foffies!

I used two Back Stitches to create them.  If you want the foffies shorter or longer, you can adjust the number of stitches or the stitch length.

IMG_7788Accent the foffies with double wrapped French Knots.

IMG_7797I wasn’t quite satisfied with Penelope’s left side, so I decided to add one last feather.

IMG_7799Finish it off with a few more French Knots.  Single wrapped this time!

IMG_7856Penelope the Peacock is complete!

Isn’t she pretty?!

I absolutely love her!

What do you think?  Are you a fan of peacocks?!

Happy Crafting!!

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