DIY Texas Monogram!

Hi everyone!! My little sister (in Kappa) turned 19 a few weeks ago! I had no idea what to make her for her birthday, but after creeping on her Pinterest, I found the perfect present! She's a Texas native and LOVES everything Texas, so I decided to make her a Texas monogram! If you'd like … Continue reading DIY Texas Monogram!

DIY Monogram Canvas!

Hi everyone! I'm in a sorority, and my big sister's birthday just passed!  This year I decided to make her gift instead of buying it!  I went on Pinterest for crafting inspiration and decided to make her a monogram canvas! Before we start our project, we need to gather our supplies. Supplies include: Print out … Continue reading DIY Monogram Canvas!

A Few Things Friday – Bows!!

Happy Friday everyone! I absolutely LOOOOOOOOVE bows!! (Thus the name of my blog!) I don't want to bore you with a bunch of random bow nonsense, so I'll keep this short! I didn't really get into bows until my freshman year of college.  One day I decided to make one, and I haven't stopped making … Continue reading A Few Things Friday – Bows!!