Julep Maven Review – May 2014

Hi guys!!

I just got my Julep Maven box for May, and I’m super excited about it!!

What exactly is Julep Maven?!

It is a monthly subscription service that provides you with nail polish and various beauty products!  It’s only $19.99 a month and comes with free shipping! You can get your first box for free by following this link! There are tons of perks to being a Julep Maven!  Check out all the perks here! 

I’ve been a Maven for several months now and I absolutely LOVE it!!

Let’s get to my box!

ImageThis month’s box was a little bigger than usual to accommodate the products inside.

ImageThe first thing I saw when I opened my box was a thank you note from Jane, the Julep founder.

Several months ago, Mavens were asked to help crowdfund Julep’s Plié Wand, so Jane sent along a little note and a special polish to thank the Mavens that participated!

ImageHere’s a close-up of the thank you card.

Now let’s get to the good stuff!!


As usual, I got the Classic with a Twist box!

My box came with:

  • Three polishes (Two Classic with a Twist and a bonus It Girl)
  • Plié Wand
  • Plié Wand Precision Brush
  • An extra Plié Wand compatible polish cap
  • Promo code for 2 for 1 polish

ImageThis month’s theme is Fresh Twist!  All of the polish colors are refreshing and fun!


Maddy – Classic with a Twist – Raspberry sorbet shimmer

Ramona – Classic with a Twist – Muted lavender rose crème

Both of these polishes are Breathable nail colors.

Here’s a description of what Breathable polish is:

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 4.20.59 PMHere’s my bonus (thank you) polish!


Yumi – It Girl – Pink, silver, and holographic glitter.

I’m really into glitter polishes right now, so this polish is perfect!

DSCN1875Here is the much anticipated Plié Wand!

I’m very excited about this product!  I’m not terrible at painting my own nails, but every little bit helps!

I tried out the wand last night, and it was okay.  It was a lot easier to hold in my right hand (probably because I’m right handed huh?) than my left.  I’m sure it will get much easier after I use it a few times!

DSCN1908The last item in my box was this precision tip and extra polish cap, as well as some assembly instructions.

I also purchased two add-ons this month.  I got an email saying that those were going to ship separately.  I’ll post a review of those products as soon as I get them in the mail!

All in all, I’m very pleased with this month’s box!

Did you get the May Maven box? What do you think of the Plié Wand?

Bow signature pink




DIY Monogram Canvas!

Hi everyone!

I’m in a sorority, and my big sister’s birthday just passed!  This year I decided to make her gift instead of buying it!  I went on Pinterest for crafting inspiration and decided to make her a monogram canvas!

Before we start our project, we need to gather our supplies.

ImageSupplies include:

  • Print out of desired monogram
  • Canvas
  • Acrylic paint (I chose three different colors)
  • Paint brushes
  • Pencil
  • Tissue paper
  • Painter’s tape
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie (As fine of a tip as possible)

We’re going to start our project by painting our canvas.

I chose to paint mine yellow with lighter yellows swirls around the edge.

ImageWhile the paint is drying, prepare your monogram.

This website is a great place to print your monogram for free.

Once you print out your monogram, you’re going to lay a sheet of thin tissue paper over-top of the monogram and trace it.

ImageOnce your canvas is dry, use painter’s tape to tape the tissue paper to the canvas.  Try to center the monogram as much as you can.

ImageTake your Sharpie and trace over the pencil lines.  You want the Sharpie to bleed through the tissue paper and create a fine line on your canvas.

I chose to use a yellow Sharpie because my canvas is yellow.  I recommend using a color that is fairly close to the color of your canvas.  If you use too dark of a color, you might not be able to cover the line with your paint.

Next, we’re going to peel up the bottom-half of the tissue paper to see if the ink has transferred.

ImageWhen checking the ink, make sure you only peel up one side of the paper.  If your lines aren’t dark enough, you can very easily lay the paper back down and trace over it again without worrying about the placement being off.

Once our monogram is traced, it’s time to paint.  Painting the monogram can be quite tricky, so make sure you don’t have too much paint on your brush and use small strokes.

Here’s the finished product!

ImageI hope you enjoyed my tutorial!

Happy crafting!!!


Easter Bunny Crafts!

Hi everyone!

Easter is coming, so I’ve decided to make a fun, little Easter craft!

ImageI found a picture of pom pom bunnies, like the ones above, on Pinterest and decided to make some of my own!

Before we begin crafting, we need to gather some supplies.

ImageSupplies needed:

  • Yarn (I used both super fine, 1, and light weight, 3, yarn)
  • Pom Pom Makers (I used the small ones, but the big ones can be used too!)
  • Small pink pom poms
  • Medium white pom poms
  • White embroidery floss
  • Small black beads
  • White felt
  • Scissors
  • Glue (I used hot glue)

Now that we’ve gathered our supplies, let’s get started!

The first step is to make one of each size pom pom from either the small or large pack.  This video really helped me understand how to use my pom pom makers.

ImageOnce you get the hang of it, making pom poms is really easy and very fun!

ImageOnce your pom poms are made, it’s time to assemble your bunny!

Take your sheet of felt and cut two small ears out of it.  I recommend free handing the ears.  I traced out my first set of ears with pencil and they ended up looking dirty with pencil streaks all over them.  It’s harder to free hand, but it will look better in the long run.

Next, tie two pieces of embroidery floss together to create whiskers.  In the picture below, I show thick whiskers, but when it came time to attach the whiskers to the bunny’s face I decided to make them thinner.

To make thinner whiskers, take one thread out of the three or four that are wrapped together in the single embroidery floss thread and tie that single thread like you did before to create the thick whiskers.

ImageNow it’s time to glue it all together!  I used hot glue because I find it easier to work with.  Hot glue eliminates the majority of drying time and allows you to craft much faster than tacky or Elmer’s glue would.

I started by gluing the small pom pom on top of the larger pom pom.  Glue the small one a little off to the side to create definition between the bunny’s head and body.  If you glue the pom poms directly on top of each other you’ll achieve a snowman look. (Which is not what we’re going for but may be useful information for a fun winter craft!)

Before I glued the pink nose onto the bunny’s face, I glued the whiskers to the back of the nose.

I recommend gluing the ears on before the eyes and nose. You may have to move the strands of the pom pom aside to create a little hole to stick the ears down in.

I think having the ears in place first makes it easier to create a more symmetrical bunny face.

Glue the nose on after the ears.  Try to line up the nose directly between the ears about halfway down the bunny’s face.  I would aim for wherever the pom pom is at its widest.  Does that make sense?

Once the nose is in place, go ahead and glue on the eyes.  You may have to dig a hole for the eyes, much like we did for the ears.

Once you have your face glued on, turn the bunny around and glue on the tail!

ImageWhen the bunny is sitting on a flat surface, the majority of the tail should be visible!

Once the tail is glued on, your new bunny friend is ready to frolic in the grass! Repeat the steps above to create as many bunny friends as you would like!

Happy Easter and happy crafting!!


Julep Maven Secret Surprise Review

Hi everyone!

In my last Mystery Box review, I said that I was going to take a break from buying mystery boxes for a while.  Well guess what?! I just couldn’t resist when another mystery opportunity came along! I’m so weak!!

In this month’s Secret Store, Julep was offering three different Secret Surprises.

ImageEach surprise was $14.99 and came with $42.00 worth of product!

I was tempted by both Secret Surprise #2 and #3!  I managed to use some restraint and only buy one of them.

ImageI really liked the way they described Secret Surprise #2, so I went with that one!

Let’s get to the box!

ImageYou may not be able to tell from the picture above, but this box is quite a bit smaller than normal!

ImageTo give you some perspective on box size, I put my Secret Surprise box on top of one of my regular monthly boxes.

ImageThis box came with three polishes and a pack of forget-me-not seeds.


Bea – Bombshell – Lemonade crème

Marjorie – It Girl – Citrus orange frost

Francis – Boho Glam – Celery green crème


I love Bea! The light yellow color is perfect for spring!  I’m very fair skinned, so I’m not quite sure how Bea will look with my skin tone.  If all else fails, I will definitely use Bea to make polka dots or something.


I’m not in love with this color, but I’m sure I’ll get some use out of it during football season! Go Gators!!


I don’t like Francis at all! I don’t believe this shade of green would be flattering on anyone, especially me.  It’s not a color I can ever see myself wearing.

I’m not quite sure why Julep described this box as “fresh” and “flowery.”  I think Bea worked with the description they gave but Marjorie and Francis did not.

I was really hoping to get a pink polish in this box, and I’m a little sad that I didn’t.  Oh well though!

I’m sure I’ll get more pink polish soon!! Not that I need it!!



Nail of the Day!

Hi everybody!!

I’ve gotten a ton of great colors in my recent Julep Maven boxes, so I decided to experiment with different polish techniques!

I tried this style last week.

ImageIt’s not a super exciting style, but it’s more than I usually do.

I don’t typically do an accent nail, but I’ve decided to go for it recently!

I created this look with Shenae and Tania.

ImageShenae – Pastel mint green opalescent shimmer

Tania – Multidimensional mermaid teal glitter

Shenae is from my Lucky Mystery Box, and Tania is from my March Maven box.

I was originally going for this look.

Photo courtesy of Julep.com

I glopped on too much glitter though, so I decided to make it an accent nail instead of taking all my polish off and starting over.

I really need to work on my glitter techniques.  I always seem to apply WAY too much!

Do you have glitter problems too?!  I can’t be alone in my glitter struggle!!

A Few Things Friday – Bows!!

Happy Friday everyone!

I absolutely LOOOOOOOOVE bows!! (Thus the name of my blog!)

I don’t want to bore you with a bunch of random bow nonsense, so I’ll keep this short!

I didn’t really get into bows until my freshman year of college.  One day I decided to make one, and I haven’t stopped making them since!

I make the majority of my bows out a ribbon.  I probably have over 300 spools of ribbon! (WOW!!)  Whenever I see a pretty ribbon I just HAVE to buy it!! Ribbon is one of my weaknesses! (Along with Burt’s Bees chapstick!)

Whenever I see bows and bow quotes on Pinterest, I just have to pin them!

ImageI love this quote!  It holds true for a lot of my crafts!! Whenever there is an empty space, I try to fill it with a bow!

Bows just add so much to a project! Don’t you think?!

Photo courtesy of shoplaurenjames.com

I found this bow hat on Pinterest the other day, and I think I’m going to have to buy it!  I don’t ever wear hats, but this one is cute enough for me to give the style a try! It comes in pink too, which is super exciting! Pink is my favorite color! (My blog name explained again!)

If you want one of these adorable hats, follow this link!

ImageI found this on Pinterest a while ago, and I think it’s hilarious!! I don’t quite believe what this picture says but it’s funny nonetheless!

I typically wear bows on the back of my head, which according to the picture means I’m not interested in men!

I guess I should start wearing bows on the top of my head to ensure I’m sending out the right message!  The only problem with that is, I don’t have very thick hair so I might look a little ridiculous! Oh well!!

Do you love bows too?! How do you wear your bows?! Do these definitions hold true for you?!



Julep Maven Review – April 2014

Hi everyone!!

I got my April Julep Maven box today, and I’m super excited about it!

ImageI got my April box for FREE!!! I used some of the Jules I’ve been saving up!

Here’s my box!

ImageThis month, Julep debuted The Vivid Collection.  This collection is full of bright and vivid (DUH!) colors!

ImageBecause I used Jules to pay for my April box, I decided not to add any other colors on. I LOVE all the colors in this collection though!

I got my usual Classic with a Twist, which featured two polishes and a blush.  My box also came with two little hard candies and a coupon.

ImageI wasn’t expecting a coupon in this box, so I am SUPER EXCITED!!!! I absolutely LOVE coupons, so I can’t wait to use this one!

I really like the Birthstone Collection, so I think I’m going to use my coupon on a few of those polishes.  I especially like Aretha and Rosa.


  • Mariska – Classic with a Twist – Juicy tangerine shimmer
  • Caitlin – Classic with a Twist – Shocking hibiscus with gold shimmer

Both of these colors will be great for my little toesies in the summertime!

ImageBlush – Peach Bellini

I’ve recently decided to experiment more with make-up so this blush is perfect!  I’ve never worn blush before, but I am excited to give it a try.

I am very pleased with my April Maven box!  The colors are perfect for spring and summer, and I’m sure I will get lots of use out of them both!

Would you like to be a Julep Maven like me?! Follow this link to sign up and get your first box for FREE! (You only have to pay for shipping!)

I’m going to go try out my new polishes now!